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The HWS Hair + Beauty blog has all the latest hair related gossip and special offers from the #1 London Beauty Store. 

Keep an eye on our Hair blog for all of the hottest new beauty trends to hit the high street in 2017!

Best Hair Masks

How many products do you use when doing your skincare? It’s probably known that we tend to take carer of our face over our hair, but if you’re frequently coulouring your hair, or you find that’s it’s particularly fizzy or dry then this is when you know you should take care of your hair.

Give your hair some well needed TLC with our top hair masks. They can revive and replenish your locks, and even with one application you’ll start to see a difference. Now, read on because you’re going to love these hair masks.

All you have to do is follow the instructions on the packaging to get the best results, although it’s a very quick process with an incredible outcome.

Strength Cure Masque 150ml from Pureology, £16.69

For all those who have colour treated hair, this one’s for you! This mask has a luscious formula that reduces the breakage and strengthens your locks. It also deeply conditions and helps to protect colour radiance.

Chronologiste Essential Revitalizing Balm 200ml from Kerastase, £23.44

Get salon-quality hair from one application. This mask is in a balm formula that totally revitilises your hair. It conditions your hair and leaves it looking, and feeling soft, bouncy and shiny.

Resistance Masque Therapiste 200ml from Kerastase, £23.08

One of the most highly rated masks for quality and price is ‘Resistance Masque Therapiste’ from Kerastase. This mask is intensely nourishing and it’s rich formula helps it to feel soft and pampered. This needs to be part of your hair care routine and incredible feeling hair.

Série Expert Liss Ultime Masque 200ml from L’Oréal Professionnel, £9.57

On a bit more of a budget, no need to worry! This mask is juts as great and it’s less than half the price! Repair and smooth your frizzy/dry hair – this treatment will definitely make you feel like your being pampered, and with amazing results what more could you want? But it gets better… This mask has a special ‘anti-humidity’ shield that protects your hair from ‘poofing’ up in a humid environment, now that’s a product you can’t resist.

Nourishing Moisture Masque 236ml from Macadamia, £29.70

This product is a pure luxury and is THE ultimate repairing, reconstructing and hydrating mask. Great for dry and damaged hair, this treatment helps to improve hair health, elasticity and shine, whilst detangling and reducing frizz.


We know your hair is important to you, and it is to us too! That’s why we’re offering up to 30% off of all of our hair products, now that’s a deal you can't miss!


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How To Apply Your Skin-Care Properly?

Did you know there was way to apply your skin-care properly? Well, now you do! There are ways that you should be apply them to make sure you get the most out of them, and so that you allow them to do the best possible job. Read on to find out more…

5 Tips to keeping your skin looking good

1. You should always, always cleanse your skin, and especially at night

2. Use products with Vitamin C in, in the morning and products that contain Vitamin A (Retinol) at night

3. Always try to use SPF

4. You should try to stay hydrated, and not even with water as it’s not enough. Adding ionic minerals to your water can really help with hydration, you can do this by adding a supplement powder that adds vitamins and minerals. You could even invest in a charcoal filtered water bottle, this will enhance your hydration and also filter out any of the ‘nasty bits’.

5. It even helps when you consider your diet, ultimately what you put in your body will reflect on your skin.

How to apply your skincare

Face Creams

Creams can create a superficial ‘layer’ on the skin to make it look good, although this doesn’t mean it will always hydrate the skin. You should apply one to two pumps of face cream.

Eye Creams

If you ever see an eye cream that claims it gets ‘rid of dark circles’ unfortunately it will incorrect, though not fully. Your dark circles can be linked to a few things such as an internal issue, a deficiency in tissue slats or lack of sleep.

Eye creams aren’t great if you have delicate eye tissue but can actually help superficial dehydrated lines. If you want to apply something under your eyes for the day you will probably be best looking into gels or lighter creams, where as at night you can go for something a bit richer.

You shouldn’t need to apply more than one pump of eye cream as it’s a small area to concentrate on.


Serums are actually viewed as more of a ‘treatment’ in thew skin-care world. When using a serum in your routine it should be nourishing or supporting something, so find a serum that troubleshoots a feature you want to get rid of, such as a spot-treatment serum.

If your moisturizer you're using isn’t good enough, a hylauronic acid system is a great way to add more hydration into your skin.

You may not need both a serum and a cream as they will target different skin types. Serums are more water based where as creams are oil-based, which wouldn’t be useful with someone who has naturally oily skin.

You may want to buy all new products to complete your new skin-care routine but these products can get pricey! At HWS Hair and Beauty we offer high-quality brands such as Decleor but at high-street prices, and with 30% off all products you can’t go wrong!


We know your hair is important to you, and it is to us too! That’s why we’re offering up to 30% off of all of our hair products, now that’s a deal you can't miss!

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What to look for in a shampoo and conditoner...

Buying Guide: Shampoo and Conditioner

Picture this, you’re in your local drugstore, or on the HWS Hair and Beauty website, and there’s hundreds of amazing shampoos and conditioners right in front of your eyes, so which one do you pick?

This guide will help you determine what shampoos and conditioners you should be using, and if you need anymore help on the HWS website then please do not hesitate to contact us…


Let’s start with shampoo, here’s some questions we’re gonna answer for you…

- The best shampoo has…

- Know before you buy

- Buying tips and Tricks


The best shampoo has…

- Good Cleaning power – Without a shampoo your hair wouldn't be able to become clean, and that’s it’s main job. Of course you don’t know the cleaning power until you buy and try for yourself, but read on and you’ll find a few pointers on how you can tell.

- Good Ingredients – When looking at the ingredients it’s hard to tell what everything is, especially if they’re not everyday ingredients. Try to look for ingredients such as Shea butter or nut oils, such as almond oil. These are beneficial for your dry, frizzy or coarse hair. These ingredients are also gentle on your hair so won’t leave your locks feeling straw like or tangled.

- NiceSmell – It’s on personal taste on how you’d like your shampoo to smell like, as you want it to be pleasant and not smell of chemicals. The product description will tell you what it smells of but normally reviews online will give you good idea on how strong that scent is etc.

- Budget-Friendly Price – When it comes to shampoo you can’t really say ‘you get what you pay for’, it doesn’t work like that. You’ve go to know that the shampoos that pricey salons try to sell to you are not always better than ones found in a drugstore, as they may have exactly the same ingredients – it’s best to shop around.

Remember HWS Hair ans Beauty have high-end shampoos available but for drugstore prices, you know where we’ll be shopping!

Know Before you buy

Hair type

With lots of different hair types, means lots of different shampoos. Fine, coarse, frizzy, curly, flat – the list goes on. A shampoo will state what hair it helps out, some will be quite vague, but reviews and product descriptions will hep you out.

Hair wash schedule

Some shampoos, and mainly those which are labeled ‘deep cleaning’ or ‘clarifying’, will be to harsh for someone who washes their hair daily and are made for once or twice a week washes. Work out on average how often you wash your hair so you know how ‘strong’ you need your shampoo to be.

Colour-treated hair

Some ingredients, such as sulfates can actually strip colour from hair, those who have colour treated locks. It’s very important you find a shampoo that is specifically for colour treated hair – and you can even find shampoos that are specifically for your shade of hair colour. You don’t want those hundreds of pounds you spent on getting your hair dyed to literally go down the drain.

Buying Tips and Tricks

- Don’t be lured in by a product that says it’s going to nourish, repair and so on, no shampoo can actually do that, it can improve the way the hair feels and looks but it’s only temporary.

- When products say they’re ‘moisturizing’ or ‘volume-boosting’ it could actually be accurate, although there’s no guarantees, it’s best to buy and try to see for yourself.

- When a shampoo tells you to lather and then rinse, don’t listen. Unless you’re using lots of styling products before washing your hair, you should only be massaging a small amount of shampoo and massaging it in. They’re basically wanting you to use it up quicker so you buy more quicker, it all makes sense. So if you think you’re getting through an abnormal amount of shampoo, that’s probably why.



Where as choosing the right conditioner is not as intense as getting the perfect shampoo, it’s still important, so here’s some advice on how to pick the best conditioner for your hair type.

What is conditioner?

Conditioner is normally used straight after washing your hair with shampoo, and it helps with a few things, including, replacing lost moisture from your shampoo, smooths out the cuticle of your hair, reduces tangling, increases shine, and generally will make your hair more manageable.

Your conditioner should be chosen based on the conditioner of your hair, where as shampoo will be chosen based on the condition of your scalp.

This means, and this often happens that someone may have an oily scalp but dry ends, so will buy a brand ‘duo’ that may target oily hair, so the conditioner in that ‘duo’ isn’t actually going to help the condition of your hair – if that makes sense?

Oily/Limp Hair

Sometimes when someone has naturally oily hair, they’ll tend to skip conditioner because they don’t want to drive more oil into the hair, but if you get the right conditioner for your hair type you should be able to avoid that situation while still being able to condition your hair, because it’s important you do.

So, try to avoid conditioners that claim to be hydrating, moisturizing or that are good for curly hair, as these will add moisture and make your hair more limp.

Especially if your hair is more on the limp side, try to opt for something that claims it’s volumizing, strengthening or balancing.

When you actually come to apply the conditioner, we recommend only apply it to the mid-shaft to the ends, so ultimately avoiding the roots.

Sometimes the cause of oily hair can also be because the conditioner hasn’t been properly rinsed, so make sure you’ve spent enough time rinsing it out so nothing is left in there.

If you’ve found that your hair is oily and fine at the same time then try using the conditioner first.

Dry/Damaged/Dull Hair

Conditioner will be your absolute best friend if you have dry, brittle or damaged hair. You need a conditioner that’ll improve the condition of your current hair, but also prevent your hair from getting in a more worse condition.

If your hair is only slightly dry try to find a conditioner that promotes moisture and hydration, this is also really handy is you have curly hair!

Although if your hair is very damaged and dry then you might want to look for something that does a more powerful job. There is conditioners out there specifically for this hair types, and lots of them too.

You might even want to try a deep conditioner – you use these 1- 4 times a month, or however much the packet instructs you to, and it will really help to improve the condition of your hair.

There’s no point buying a shampoo or conditioner if you know nothing abut it, one, you don’t know what it could do to your hair, and two it would be a waste of money. Take your time to find a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair so that you can repurchase it time after time again.

We know your hair is important to you, and it is to us too! That’s why we’re offering up to 30% off of all of our hair products, now that’s a deal you can't miss!

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Mistakes you’re making with your blow-dryer

Do you like to treat yourself to a blowdry at a hair salon or do you need to up your blow-drying game? These tips will ensure you get the best results every-time you dry your hair at home.

So next time you dry your hair, don’t just aim it at your hair until it’s dry, follow these tips and avoid these mistakes…

1. The tool

Now, one of the most important things to have, and one of the only things that without it you wouldn't be able to blow dry your hair is, yep you guessed it, the hairdryer.

Investing in a high, salon-quality hairdryer is so, so important, especially if you blow dry your hair often. Take your time to find one that suits your preferences, needs and of course budget – because it is important that you pay for your bills still!

The best people to ask for advice is your hair salon or even reviews online. The great thing about reading reviews is that they’re real, they’ve tried and tested the product before, and as long as they seem genuine then we say, go by what the people say!

2. The towel

Most people, and we don’t know anyone who doesn’t do this, will chuck their hair wrapped up into a towel after getting out the shower, even hairdressers do it! Some people will leave it in their for 5 minutes, some 30!

It’s known that a cotton-based towel causes friction on the hair causing it to break off, and doing some serious damage, especially if you do it often and leave it in their for a long time.

Want to get rid of excess water without damaging your locks? Purchase a microfiber towel or even grab an old t shirt – but even then try and take your hair out of the wrap after 10 minutes.

3. The brush

You should never get straight out of the shower and brush your hair with a round brush before and while drying. If your hair is really wet, blasting a high speed on your hairdryer will cause tangles, split ends and so on.

So first, without the brush dry 80 percent of your hair on a low to medium heat and speed setting, then for the last 20 percent this is when it’s best to start sectioning and blow drying your hair properly with a brush.

Lots of people, especially those with frizzy hair will go to use a brush from the outset as they don’t want super frizzy hair, but if you use the right products you should be able to avoid this.

If you need to brush your hair before drying use a brush similar to a Tangle Teezer or a wide tooth comb.

4. The heat protector

Heat protector. Yes, most people use it , but are you actually spraying it in all the right places? Chances are that you aren’t!

Whether it’s a serum or spray normally we apply it to our ends and the front pieces of our hair and forget the back or sections we can’t see. Try sectioning your hair so you can ensure you’re getting all of our locks – it may take an extra minute or so but in the long run it’ll be worth your time.

5. The drying

Completely opposite to the tip above – but if you're like most people then you’ll actually start drying your hair from the back!

It’s actually better to start with the hairline, temples and crown, and then move backwards. Starting at the back means your hair at the top and round the front of your face has already started to dry and you don’t then get the chance to make those parts smooth – and if you have a fringe you definitely need to start from the front!

It may be the together and more tedious part, but it’s worth it!

Here’s just a few of our favorite products that are great for when you’re blow drying your hair…

  • L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Volume Architect 150ml – Trying to find a heat protector that does the job, and more? Well, look no further! It also gives you a sleeker look and adds volume!
  • Kérastase - L'incroyable Blowdry 150ml – This has got to be one of our favourite products! It has miracle heat-sensitive microwax technology that allows the hair to set and re-set styles with ease. It’s a perfect blowdry in a bottle. Just apply onto damp, towel dried hair before proceeding to blowdry/heat style.
  • Redken - Express Primer Treatment Cream 150ml - Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Express Treatment Primer Cream is ideal for all hair types, especially dry, thick or coarse. This amazing primer cream reduces blow-dry time, protects from heat up to 450 degrees, helps reduce breakage and provides 24-hour lasting volume without weighing hair down. After using the blow-dry primer cream, hair is left 3x stronger and healthier and perfectly primed for any styling.

We know your hair is important to you, and it is to us too! That’s why we’re offering up to 30% off of all of our hair products, now that’s a deal you can't miss!

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There’s many articles, blogs and so on, on the internet that tell you what you’re doing wrong to your hair. But we’re here to tell you the TRUTH! Read this to see what the hair experts think…

Our first piece of advice is very common, so that’s why we’re here to talk about it; over-washing. We recommend you try to practice washing your hair once or twice a week max.

The unfortunate thing with washing you hair too much is you can actually reduce the brightness of your hair, so it’ll appear dull. It can also strip the natural oils in your hair which means your hair will be greasier quicker, therefore having to wash your hair more.

Another thing we all do is rubbing our hair. The routine may go something a bit like this.. you’re out the shower and have your hair in a towel and before drying it you furiously rub it to try and dry it a little bit before using heat, but this is where you’re going wrong.

Try and ‘blot’ the hair when drying it off, avoiding the rubbing technique. It not only makes your hair frizzy, and this won’t help if you already have naturally frizzy hair, but it also causes breakage, and no-one wants that!

Heat, heat heat! This can never be talked about too much! It’s so important we use as less heat as we possibly can! Now, we love our sleek straightened hair as well as big voluminous curls, we we know it’s hard.

Try to start the heat at around 150 degrees to keep it safe and work your way up in 10’s from there. Something that we are big advocates for is the L’Oreal Professionel Steampod! This incredible tool gives you a soft, silky straightened finish without damaging your hair as it uses steam and pro-keratin technology!

We know it sounds scary, but trust us it really works and will make a huge difference to the state of your hair.

The day gets tough and the hair gets chucked up out of the, we all love a tight and sleek ponytail but is it too tight?

It can actually stop your baby hairs from growing, and no-one wants that! Try to keep the band a little looser or use a plastic spiral band that won’t be too tight and they also don’t leave any kinks!

Other things to keep your hair feeling good and looking good can be not using too much bleach, being gentle when brushing your hair, or using a comb and much more!

We know your hair is important to you, and it is to us too! That’s why we’re offering up to 30% off of all of our hair products, now that’s a deal you can't miss!

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Hair Growth Tips and Tricks

Maybe you regret a haircut or you want to grow your hair in time for the summer, either way we’re here to bring you the best of the best, Hair Growth Tips and Tricks. Read on to find out more...

A lot of people will tell you that to make your hair grow faster you should get regular cuts, now this isn’t true, although consistent trims will stop your split ends to making their way up your hair strands and will make it look overall healthier.

If you can, try to cut your hair an eighth of an inch every 10 to 12 weeks to prevent major split ends before they start.

It can really help if you use conditioner every time you wash your hair, some people shy away from conditioner, but the right one will not only repair your hair but it will help it to grow too.

Conditioner helps to replace proteins and lipids in the hair shaft, it also seals the hair cuticle preventing it from any damage, this will allow your hair to grow faster and healthier.

We recommend giving these conditioners a try… Sebastian Professional Trilliance Conditioner 250ml, £14.13, J Beverly Hills Volume - Addbody Conditioner 350ml, £14.40 or Macadamia Weightless Moisture Conditioner 300ml, £19.40.

This next tip really does make your hair grow faster and If you were to take any tip from this blog it should be this one!

Do a cold water rinse at the end of every hair wash; the cold water will enable the outer layer of your hair to become smoother. You only have to do this for a few seconds, but trust us when we say it, it’s worth it.

Give your hair a break when it comes to hot tools. This heat can really damage and break your hair, meaning it’s not going to grow as fast. Embrace the natural hair and find some new styles to do with it, this will really help in the process of trying to grow your locks.

 You just need to remind yourself that you hair can’t grow overnight, and that you have to be patient. Waiting longer and following these tips will allow your hair to be as great as it can be. Just remember, extensions are great if the plan falls through!

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The Everyday Perfect Skin Care Routine with Decelor

We really do love all of Decelor’s skin care products, which is one of the main reasons we stock it. The brand have been going for more than 40 years, and at HWS Hair and Beauty, we stock over 100 of their exquisitely crafted products ranging from face and body care as well as collections designed especially for men.

Hope, from HWS Hair and Beauty gives you the low down on her Everyday Decleor Perfect Skin Routine...

1 | Cleanse | Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing

Cleansing is a very important step to get rid of any dirt left behind, or already on your face. It will get rid off makeup and leave you with soft skin. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry at all as it contains an essential oil called ‘neroli’ which hydrated the skin incredibly well.

It’s also paraben-free which is a huge bonus, and even if you have sensitive skin like myself, this will work wonders without irritating the skin.

2 | Tone | Aroma Cleanse Essential Tonifying Lotion 


Now, to tone. For incredible smooth, hydrated and moisturised skin this is the product you need, even if this is the only item you buy!

It feels so fresh on the skin and also helps with any skin types, as I’ve noticed where my skin is particularly more oily than others, it’s sorted it out.

It’s active ingredients include detoxifying Green Tea Essential Water to help remove impurities and tighten pores for a clearer, more radiant complexion, and heavenly-fragranced Neroli Essential Oil to help protect, repair and fight against dehydration.

3 | Moisturise | Dehydrated Skin Hydra Floral Hydrating Light Cream

You don’t just need dehydrated skin to use this product, it’s for everyone. I found that my skin is particularly dehydrated by this product has worked wonders on my skin.

My skin feels like it’s always moisturised and protected even with makeup on, as well as my face looking bright and radiant, it’s great!

I felt as though my skin was a lot more revitalized and softer, it’s the perfect end product to my skin routine.


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Tips for Growing Out Your Hair 

Did you regret a recent haircut, or are you just looking to grow your hair? Although, it's really about caring for your hair, there's just a few more things you can do to help your hair grow quicker. 

Commit to petite-trims 

Make sure you try and get to the hairdressers for a very, very small trim, as little as an eighth of an inch, not a standard trim, so small you can hardly see the hair on the floor. It helps to get rid of split ends which is caused by hot tools, the environment and more. So, if you leave it too long between trims the split ends will get higher, eventually meaning you'll have to cut more off. 

Weekly Conditioning Treatments 

Doing weekly conditioning treatments will really improve the state of your hair dramatically if you stick to it. Our three favourite deep conditioners/conditioning treatments include: 

Cleanse when you need to 

Cleansing is the foundation of any skin and hair care routine, and this should start before you step into the shower. Cleansing isn't something that your hair needs all the time, but it will help to stop shampoo removing moisture from your hair.  

We recommend you really research into the best one for you as there are loads on the market and they all do very different things, take the time to look for one and even contact professionals, or the brands if you need to. 

Whatever you do it's all about caring for your hair, so the next time you go to pick up your pair of straighteners or wait too long for your next cute, remember this article!

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Gossip Girl Inspired Hairstyles 

Although Gossip Girl finished 5 years ago, we can't forget some of the incredible and beautiful hairstyles that were showcased on the hit TV show. 

So, here it is... the Upper East Side's, best in Manhattan hairstyles.

Carefree Waves

Whether it was a casual visit to Blair or popping round to Dan, Serena always styled beautiful curls that were so effortless it even made us feel lazy!

To create this flirty and feminine hairstyle, grab a curling wand or straightners (whatever you prefer), grab fairly large pieces of hair – depending on the barrel size, and curl three quarters up of your hair.

To finish the look comb your fingers through your hair to pull the curls apart and add a light spritzing of Sebastian's Shaper Zero Gravity 400ml, to help keep your hair in place without the heavy feeling of hairspray pulling your hair down. It's also fast-drying and can be brushed out easily to create another hairstyle throughout the day. 


Plait Ponytail 

Another favourite... Serena knew how to rock a hairstyle, and the plait ponytial, she rocked!  

So simple, but yet has a big impact. Whether you're seeking revenge or off to the ball this hair look will work wonders on your overall effect.

Pull your hair into a tight, sleek high ponytail and secure with a headband. Take a piece of hair and wrap around the brand to hide it and fix with a bobby pin.

Next, create a plait in your hair, tie up with a brand and voila! If you want a more relaxed and 'messy' approach, pull out the braid and strands of hair.  


Now, we can't leave Blair out, she's all about perfection but do the hairstyle wrong and she'll be contacting Gossip Girl to seek revenge – just joking! 

These hairstyles are so cute and preppy, perfect for any occasion. 


Bows, Bows and more Bows

If you thought bows and headbands were things of the past, you thought wrong.  

To be more 'B', create loose curls in your hair and add any headband with bows, diamantes and more, go glam! 

The great and versatile thing about them is that you can buy lots to match with different outfits for any day of the week, just make sure you don't sit higher than her on the steps! 


Jenny Phases

How about little J, Jenny Humphery. We all thought of her when we went through our edgy goth vibe or our way to Constance Queen B. 

From her swept fringe and shoulder length look, to her long perfectly curled hair, little J defintely had a hairstyle evolution. 

- XOXO, Gossip Girl

We want to see pics of your re-created Gossip Girl looks and hair transformationns! Head over to our  FacebookInstagram or Twitter  and let us see them!

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The NEW L'oreal Proffesionel New Generation Steampod 2.0 

Now at HWS Hair and Beauty we sell the L'oreal Proffesionel New Generation Steampod 2.0. This NEW, incredible product is a great add to all of our products and we knew our customers would like it! 

Firstly, we haven't had an electrical product on our site before so we're excited to start it off with an amazing 5-star product! 

'The Steampod 2.0 is a revolutionary hairstyling tool from L'Oreal Professionnel. A combination of steam and pro-keratin technology helps to tame hair movement and leave it silky smooth, whilst protecting from heat damage. Experience sleek and manageable locks with a professional finish. The anodized floating plates are flexible and the continuous steam pressure opens the hair cuticle to retain natural moisture levels. The integrated comb spreads hair evenly along the hard-ceramic plates.' 

It also damages your hair less due to using steam instead of heat! 

If you also didn't know already, we have 15% OFF ALL PRODUCTS which means you can save over £20, what a steal! 

Though we don't just have the steampod, we also have all of the haircare products that come in the range including; 

  • Replenishing Smoothing Cream - A heat protective formula designed to be used in conjunction with the innovative Steampod hairstyler 

  • Replenishing Smoothing Milk – A pro-keratin enriched cream that delivers a protective shield to leave hair smooth, soft and frizz-free and 

  • Protective Smoothing Serum - A heat protective concentrate designed in line with the Steampod Vapor Hair Straightener. The serum helps to protect and repair hair that is regularly styled with heat, repairing and replenishing stressed tresses to leave every strand shiny, soft and healthy 

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your Steampod 2.0 and all the products here... 

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Autumn and Winter Hair Care Tips

It’s coming… and as much you don’t want to believe it, Summer is O.V.E.R, over. We have to face the facts, so who’s ready for hot chocolate and cold, crisp walks?!

When it comes to the Winter our hair, lips, body, everything goes a bit, well.. meh. The cold air ultimately dries out our skin, and it’ll take a toll on your hair too! So here’s some Autumn and Winter Hair Care tips so you can defeat these colder months.

1. This next season is going to make you hair feel quite dull, and if you can’t afford a touch up due to these expensive months, (and even with our low prices, but we don’t blame ya’), then we’ve got an alternative. Treat yourself to a decent Shampoo and Conditioner, it’ll last you to the end of the year AND it’ll make your hair feel salon-quality every time you jump out of the shower.

We love Macadamia’s Nourishing Moisture range which has been made for hair that’s in need of hydration – perfect! The Shampoo and Conditioner together re-hydrate, re-store and revive your locks – and with 15% Off it’s a win-win.

2. If you haven’t added a masque to your hair routine – then what are you doing?! Hair Masque’s are the perfect way to completely re-store you hair to the best it can be.

One Incredible masque we recommend is the J Beverley Hills Repair Masque, It’s an intensive Hair and Scalp Intensive Treatment that claims, and definitely does, restores moisture, replenishes and de-tangles. It also comes in a travel size – handy for when you’re on the road!

3. Although it’s a very easy routine to slip into, try not to wash your hair everyday. Shampooing strips moisture from your hair, ultimately leaving your hair very dry, and when you accidentally leave a day it’ll go greasy very quickly as your hair is used to constant washing.

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Trends You'll Love If You Grew Up in the 90's 

Are you missing the 90's? No problem – we're here to bring back all the great hair moments that were a part of this decade. 

Keep scrolling to have a blast from the past! 

Butterfly clips 

Butterfly clips were, and still are, so cute and practical! They looked amazing and kept your hair out of your face! We reckon that they should definitely make a momentous comeback! 


We're obsessed with bandanas at the moment, especially at festivals! They're perfect for a fashion accessory or even your hair, another great thing is the many ways you can wear it! Beyoncé even wore a shirt made out of them – that's how you know they were a 'thing'. 


Everyone had them, and if you're like us – you've definitely got a few stashed in your draws now! The great thing is, they keep your hair up but look so much better than a blonde or brown headband! Let us know on social media how many you have, we'd love to know! 


We cannot forget bangs, or fringes?! They are still such a statement to this day and give such a cool, edgy look! Our personal favourite is a piecey, round brush fringe for a classic '90s glamour shot vibes! 


Whether the original or Britney inspired plait pigtails with all the accessories, pigtails don't just have to be worn by littluns! Such a cool and sassy look to everyone outfit, just don't forget your grey cardigan, and school shirt and skirt. 

Which one is your favourite trend? 

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Back to School Hairstyle Ideas 

Now, to some, it might seem early but we're only just under a month away from going back to school and if you're planning your first day look we're here to help! Here's some back to school hairstyles that'll wow your friends! 

Girly Bun 

A bun may sound easy but if you're anything like us you find it hard to perfect it! Try practising a normal bun, and also find the right height of it for your head shape! To give to that girly, messy touch we love to pull out bits of hair at the front to give our face shape and add a cute bow. 

To finish it all off, grab a can of Wella SP's Perfect Hold Hairspray, so you won't have to worry about any mistakes! 

Messy dirty waves 

We all get to that special event, this event, in particular, being your first day back to school, and it doesn't correspond with our 'hair washing schedule' (if you know, you know!), So here's a way of making your dirty hair less noticeable. 

So, we recommendedcurling your hair the night before, this way it'll look like you've styled your hair even if it's not the cleanest! Then, in the morning touch up the curls if needed and whack in a bit of dry shampoo, a.k.a your best friend. 

We love to use the Tecni.Art Morning After Dust Invisible Dry Shampoo from L'Oréal Professionnel, the dry shampoo doesn't show any white patches AND leaves hair smelling freshly washed, perfecto! 

Multi-braided bun 

This super cool hairstyle I so cute and edgy at the same time, we love it! 

First, divide your hair into as many sections as you would like braidsdepending on how thick or thin you want them. Then, make tight cornrow braids or tight dutch braids and tie them all off. You could then leave it at that have multiple braids in your hair and tie up in a low bun! 

The biggest pro with this hairstyle is when you take it out your hair will be wavy, perfect for your hair the next day! 

Easy tousled pony 

For a fun, flirty first day look to grab your natural hair state and pull up into a high pony, add some Kérastase - Spray a Porter 'ocean spray' for a tousled and 'messylook and head out the dooreasy! 

Now you're ready for your first day back – but remember it's not all about the hair, have fun and enjoy yourself, because school doesn't last forever and you'll miss it when it's over! 

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5 Handbag Beauty Essentials You Need In Your Life Right Now!

If you’re anything like us, delve into the depth of your handbag and you’ll probably fine discarded receipts, chewing gum wrappers and if you’re lucky some spare change. But what should you be making sure you have in your handbag? Check out our top picks of travel-size beauty essentials so that you can turn your bag into a beauty treasure trove!

Sebastian Professional Dynamic Travel Size

Every gal should have dry shampoo to hand at all times! We can’t think of the amount of times it’s saved us from the brink of having a bad hair day! And Sebastian Professional Dynamic is the very best. Not only will it absorb excess oil from your roots and give your hair a boost between washes, it’ll also help improve your hair manageability with Recharge Technology. Your locks will be left looking lush, nourished and completely revived!

Decleor Tired Skin Aurasbulo Intense Glow For Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

Gone are the days of tired looking eyes with this Decleor product. It’s refreshingly light texture gives the skin around your eyes an instant lightening effect. Packed full of active ingredients such as caffeine and vitamin B3 it also helps to protect, whist orange pigment delivers illuminating qualities. Why have this in your handbag? Apply this as your re-applying your make up and head out straight from the office and no one will ever guess how sleepy you really are!

Wella Professionals Sun Protection Spray

This handy product has been a permanent feature in our handbags this summer. Spitz before or during sun exposure for protection against damaging UV rays. It’ll also leave your locks super soft and with a lovely shine.

Decleor Dry Skin Intense Nutrition Luxuriant Nourishing Lip Balm

We’re so in love with this gorgeous lil’ lip balm. It’s perfect to slip into your handbag so you can reapply throughout the day for perfect, kissable lips! Infused with luxurious Egyptian marjoram essential oil, shea butter and macadamia oil this balm melts into your lips for long lasting protection against dryness.

Sebastian Professional Potion 9 Travel Size

A travel size hairspray in your handbag is an absolute essential! Sebastian Professional Potion 9 secures your style and leave your locks flexible and healthy. Even better that it’s packed with active oil botanicals to help improve your hairs strength whilst leaving your tresses with a glossy shine.

What beauty products do you always pack in your handbag?  

Head over to our  FacebookInstagram or Twitter  and let us know! 

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5 Of The Best... Hairsprays

Hairsprays can make your bad day hairs great again and they're the product that you never want to be without! We've tried and tested 5 of the very best so that your 'do can last all day (and into the night too!) 

EIMI Styling Stay Styled

Best for? A workable finish

EIMI Styling Stay Styled spray is a firm favourite here at HWS Hair and Beauty. Why? Not only does it provide a flexible finish that allows you to rework your hair throughout the day (prefect if you’re heading out straight from work!), it also protects your locks against heat damaged caused from styling products. It’s a win-win! 

Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer Finishing Spray

Best for? Coloured treated hair

This hairspray will give your tresses with a beautiful, touchable finish. It’ll also increase control and definition and is great to use on coloured hair. It’s also one to pack in your suitcase too as it’s UV inhibitors help to shield from damaging sun and other environmental aggressors. Even better that it’s soft floral scent smells just like summer!

Redken- Quick Dry 18 Fast- Drying Hairspray

Best for? When your on the go

Styling on the go has never been easier with Redken Quick Dry 18 Fast Drying Hairspray! Pick your style, spitz and be ready in seconds! It’ll instantly control and complete your look, leaving your locks frizz free with a healthy shine.

Kerastase Laque Noir

Best for?Long lasting hold

We don’t know where we’d be without Kerastase Laque Noir! It’s ideal for high impact styles, or when you know your look has to last the whole day (or night!). A quick spritz of this and your set for up to 48 hours!

L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Wild Stylers Crepage De Chignon 

Best for? Adding texture and volume

Use this to create your statement style! It’s great for adding texture and volume so that you can create a statement look. You can use it straight in your roots for an added boost!

What's your favourite? Head over to our  FacebookInstagram or Twitter  and let us know! 

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How NOT TO Ruin Your Hair at the Pool?

So, you're on holiday, boiling in the heat and the pool's calling your name, then you remember your hair's in good condition and you don't want to ruin it?! This is when HWS come to the rescue – we're gonna help you with some tips and tricks so you can cool off in the pool without worrying about your precious locks! 


It's all about the prep when you're on holiday, you wouldn't leave your hotel room without sun cream, so don't leave the hotel room without this hair tip! We recommend using an intensive conditioner or natural oil just 10 minutes before heading out, a natural oil may be something super simple and easy to purchase such as argan oil, olive oil or even coconut oil!  

This will protect your hair from all the drying effects – think of your hair as a kitchen sponge, your hair will soak in the chlorine and then cause damage to your hair strands! We also find that Macadamia's Endless Summer Sun Shield Dry Oil protects and hydrates the hair. 

The oil is a pre-sun treatment that shields hair from harmful rays. Formulated with the incredible PRO OIL COMPLEX, hair will be left looking smooth and shiny. 

Wet the Hair First 

Only soothing small but every little thing will help – try and jump in the shower before hitting the pool, filling your hair strands with clean water first I much better than starting by soaking it in chlorine! 

Sun Cream for Hair? 

Unfortunately, there isn't actually any sun cream for hair – yet, we're still waiting, but we smother ourselves in UV protection all over our body to keep it protected, but what about your locks? The hair that you might have spent hours (and hundreds) on? So, here's a couple of products that'll protect those tresses from the mighty rays! 

First is Nioxin's Cleanser Systems, there are 6 different products all designed to give different effects but only four have UV protection. Each one contains SPF 15 and helps fight against UV rays, these four are...  

  • Cleanser System 2a daily volumising cleanser that gently removes residue and DHT from the hair and scalp,  

  • Cleanser System 4designed for chemically treated fine hair helping to increase hair density and gently remove residue from the hair and scalp,  

  • Cleanser System 5designed for normal to thin-looking, medium to coarse, natural or chemically-treated hair and delivers smoothing control to hair while refreshing the scalp and restoring moisture balance, and  

  • Cleanser System 6helps to remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues from the scalp skin and hair, and cleanses to provide thicker-looking hair 

See the whole range here... 

Another great product designed to fight off UV is Kerastase's Soleil Bain Apres-Soleil Anti-damage ShampooThis daily nourishing shampoo with UV filters for colour-treated hair protects, repairs and beautifies hair exposed to the sun. It leaves hair feeling nourished and protected against sun damage, hair also starts to feel more resistant, detangled and softened! 

Post-pool Care 

Even if you've nailed your prep hair care before getting in the water, your post-pool care could be forgotten, and though you'll probably jump into the shower and wash your hair after you've had a day catching rays and slashing about it's important that you get the chlorine out of your hair! 

You don't particularly need any certain product to get chlorine out, just your normal shampoo and conditioner will do, but if you want to be extra, then this is what you can use. 

We love the After Sun – Solar Sublime Range from Loreal Professionel ! Designed for locks that've been relaxing in the sun all day, this collection will leave your hair nourished and rehydrated.  

First use the After Sun – Solar Sublime Shampoo by lathering the product into your hair and scalp, then wash it out. You can repeat this process twice if you feel your hair is quite re-hydrated. Next, use The After Sun – Solar Sublime Nourishing Balm and massage evenly on to shampooed, towel-dried hair. Spread it well and Leave on for 2-3 minutes, after that just Rinse out the balm thoroughly, done!  

Another fantastic product from the range is The After Sun – Solar Sublime Advanced Protection Conditioning Spray. Spritz on the spray every time you re-apply sun cream on to damp or dry hair before or during exposure, paying particular attention to lengths and ends, and leave in.  

Now, your hair will stay perfect and in condition! Go hit that poolside and have fun! 

We'd love to see your pool ready hair! Head over to our  FacebookInstagram or Twitter  to share your pics! 


Get Ready For Holiday In Our Beauty Room This Summer 2017 

If you're preparing for holiday but making trips all around your area for different treatments , then stop! At HWS our beauty room is packed full of treatments that'll make you feel like Kim Kardashian before you jet-set off, and at our affordable prices there's no hidden $2,000 costs like Kim K would spend herself! 

If you're going to spend most of your day chilling an lounging by the pool then you definitely won't want to be wearing layer of foundation and mascara that will melt off in seconds! So here's how you can feel great without makeup, even though you already are!

If you're used to perfectly groomed, filled in brows then we have a solution for you! We offer an eyebrow tint and shape for just £16 at HWS so you'll never have to fill them in again! We also offer either an eyelash perm for a bit more definition, or if you don't mind a bit more maintenance, we have temporary eyelash extensions so you won't have to think about panda eyes – perfection at its finest! Both eyelash treatments cost £20. Need more help deciding? A member of our team will be happy to help! 

If you're skin needs to be revitalized or you're just looking to treat yourself, we have our unique Decleor face treatments ranging from £30 to £70! Though it may seem a little pricey to some, it's worth it 100%! We’ll take our time to ensure you're skin looks at its best, each treatment is different so you can choose the treatment best for you! Fancy a skin transformation? See all our treatments here... 

Don't want to splash out? We have lots of Decleor Skin Care products on our shop where you can pamper yourself, and be quick we have 15% OFF ALL PRODUCTS so they're selling out quick!


Waxing is so popular amongst holiday jet setters, you want to make sure those pesky little hairs are gone, but this is totally optional! Here at HWS we present crème waxing, hot waxing and threading, this can be your face (eyebrows, as mentioned before, or lip and chin), arms (half arm, full arm or under arm), legs (full leg, three quarter leg or half leg) or your bikini line (bikini, high bikiniBrazilian or Hollywood ) and if you're confused to what each of these different areas mean, our team at HWS will assist you. 

Now, you're nearly holiday ready but what about those claws? There are two options for your nails at out Beauty Room, The Jessica Nail Treatments include looking after your hands and feet, we'll provide your nails with cuticle work, and filing and polishing, these treatments start from £15, see here for more... 

Fancy something a bit more long-lasting? Our shellac allows the polish to stay on for an extended time without damaging your nails, 1 full set is only £25, get your perfect holiday nails here... 

Last but not least, tanning. This option is very different for many people, most jet-setters don't get a tan before they go abroad but for some, it's the best idea! If you are a little pale after the English weather or just want to add a bit of colour, then allow us to help! 

We use a No.1 brand for our tanning treatmentsSt.Tropez. 1 application with exfoliant is £38 and without exfoliant is £25, if you need any help with knowing the process and more than read our recent article below all about 'How To Get The Best Results From Your St Tropez Spray Tan', and if you need any more help please contact our salon as we'll be happy to help, here... 

Now, you're pool side ready! Go hit that beach and feel confident, Have fun! 

We'd love to see your holiday ready-self! Head over to our  FacebookInstagram or Twitter  to share your pics! 


 How To Get The Best Results From Your St Tropez Spray Tan

Whether your a spray tan virgin or a regular, these tips will make sure that you always get the best possible results from your St Tropez spray tan!

Remember that preparation is key. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do before you tan appointment.

DON’T wear deodorant to your appointment. It’ll only act a barrier between your skin and the tan. Wearing deodorant could result in a streaky tan.

DON’T moisturise. At least not immediately before your appointment. Moisturising can interrupt the absorption of moisture into your skin.

DO shave or wax 24 hours before your appointment, but not any less. It’s always a good idea for hair removal to be completed prior to your tan and not after.

DO wear loose fitting, dark colour clothing to your appointment. And remember a rain coat and an umbrella if it’s raining! Wearing tight fitted clothing can irritate your skin after a tan and it can also cause some of the excess tan to rub off unto your clothing which can stain.

DON’T wear any make up. Similarly to deodorant, make up will act as a barrier between your skin and the tan so you risk having patchy results. You can, however, apply make up after your tan but it’s not advised that you wash your face for at least 4 hours after your appointment.

DO exfoliate. Using an oil free exfoliator before your tan appointment is one of the most important ways to prepare your skin! By exfoliating you’ll be getting rid of any rough, dry or dead skin cells so that your skin is even and in good condition to absorb the tan.

Ok, so what about aftercare? Your tan technician will able to advice you on the best way to prolong your tan. But here are some of the rules that we always obey!

DON’T get wet for at least 2-3 hours. This includes rain, so make sure you’re wearing suitable clothing for the weather! Although 2-3 hours is advised, you may want to wait longer until your first shower to prolong the developing time. If you have your tan in the morning, if you can, don’t shower until bedtime.

DO pat dry after your shower. It’s normal for excess tan to wash off in the shower, but rubbing your skin will only force more of the tan off and effect the longevity of it. Pat yourself dry to limit the amount of tan that comes off on your towel.

DON’T exfoliate. You’ll only be exfoliating away your new tan! If you can’t go without exfoliating when you’ve got your tan, make sure that you wait for few days.

DO moisturise. Moisturising keeps your skin in great condition, and should be part of your daily skin care routine anyway. Moisturising when you’ve had a tan is especially important, as it keeps your skin hydrated and prolongs your tan.

Want to get booked in for your St Tropez tan? Head over to our Beauty Room to find out more and get in contact to book an appointment.

We’d love to see your St Tropez tan! Head over to our  FacebookInstagram or Twitter  to share your pics! 

Microdermabrasion… what is it?

You may have heard of Microdermabrasion. It’s kind of a big deal in the world of celebrity skin care, but now it’s becoming increasingly more available to such normal folk too. But what is it? And what is all the fuss about?

So, here’s scientific bit. Microdermabrasion is an intense exfoliating and resurfacing treatment using ultra fine crystals that rejuvenate the skin. The vacuum action stimulates the circulation and increases blood flow to the area, increasing the level of collogen and elastic that is produced. This creates a more youthful and firm look to your skin. In other words, microdermabrasion is a non surgical face resurfacing treatment, that leaves you skin looking and feeling like new!

Microdermabrasion is designed to treat a huge variety of skin complaints. Such as acne scaring, dull and tired skin, pigmentation, brown spots, blemishes and signs or ageing such as fine lines. After the treatment, your skin will look revitalised and more youthful.

Ok, but how is it performed?

Microdermabrasion is only performed by a qualified therapist. There’s four stages to your appointment. Firstly, a consultation. You and your therapist will talk about what your problem areas are and come up with a treatment plan. You may only require a one off boost to your complexion, or need a course of up to 5 to achieve the desired results.

Secondly, your therapist will cleanse your face with a gel cleanser. It’s important that your skin is clean, dry and make up free before the procedure begins. For the gents, this means being clean shaven too.

Next, the microdermabrasion will start. Your therapist will use a small, wand like tool that will deliver a fine jet of abrasive crystals. A vacuum action will remove the skin cells that are abraded away. The dual action will simulate blood flow and encourage the production of elastin and collagen. Your therapist will pass over the area once before returning to target problem areas such as redness or scarring.

Finally, your therapist will finish the treatment by using a PH neutral moisturiser with SPF protection on your skin. This will help to reduce any dryness after the treatment and also protect your skin against any sun damage. You should continue to moisturise your skin regularly after the treatment.

Are there any downsides?

Not, really no! One of the great things about microdermabrasion is that it’s suitable for all skin types. Regardless of whether your skin is oily, dry, mature or normal. It’s likely that your skin will feel a little tight after the procedure, but that’s nothing to worry about. Just remember to keep moisturising regularly. You may also experience some mild redness, but this will settle down within 24 hours or so.

Where can I go and get it?

HERE! At HWS Hair and Beauty we offer microdermabrasion from one of our qualified therapists. Get 1 treatment for just £38 or a course of 5 for £170. Get in contact today to book in or for any questions you may have.

We’d love to see your before and after pictures of your microdermabrasion experience! Head over to our  FacebookInstagram or Twitter  to share your pics! 

5 Of The Best… Luxury Shampoos

We all deserve a lil’ luxury every now again! But with these super glam products you can have luxury everyday! Err, yes please! But which luxury shampoo is best for your hair type? Read on to find out!

Macadamia Ultra Rich Moisture Shampoo

Best for? Very coarse or coiled hair

This shampoo acts like a thirst quencher to very dry, frizzy hair. It’ll provide superior hydrated and help bring some order back to a wayward mane! It’s contains a UVA/UVB absorbent, which help to promote colour retention.

Kerastase Cristalliste Luminous Perfecting Shampoo

Best for? Long, fine hair

This wonderfully light formula is designed to rebalanced hair fibre so your locks are left looking lush! It will also help lift your roots so that they are left looking and feeling pure and weightless. It’s also completely free from silicone, parabens and colourants so it really couldn’t be better for your tresses!

Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Shampoo

Best for? Dry hair

Another great, lightweight formula that’s infused with powerful ingredients such as Red Algae and Moringa Oil. It works to purify, protect and strengthen your hair so that it’s always in it’s best possible condition.

Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo

Best for? Dull hair

Using rock crystal extract, Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo will create a wonderful foundation for you to style your locks however you wish. The wonder-formula will polish your hair leaving it with a dazzling, diamond shine. It’s suitable for all hair types, but we think that it’s especially great for dull hair that needs some added sparkle!

Kerastase Chronologiste Revitalising Shampoo

Best for? An all rounder

Especially designed to bring out the best in every hair type, this regenerating formula helps to safeguard your locks against external aggressors. It’s infused with vitamins A and E, so that your tresses look and feel truly nourished and looked after.

So, which one will you go for? Remember, you can get your hands on these products for yourself by clicking the links above! Which one is your favourite? Let us know over on our  FacebookInstagram or Twitter 


5  knot hairstyles

Having buns or 'knots' in your hair is proving very popular recently, this is because any hair length, texture and thickness can have these hairstyles. We love these looks, due to their messy but put-together feel. 

Classic Top Knot 

The 'bun-on-top-of-your-head' look proves very popular with pretty much everyone, and we see the hype! Whether you go for the slick back, 'ballerina' bun or the messy bun that everyone raves about, they'll be one for you! Just grab your hair into a ponytail and twist the tail around the hairband, using bobby pins to secure. Then, either use 'J Beverly Hills Texture – Polish' for a high gloss and shine finish, or pull out sections to frame your face and finish with Kerastaste's Laque Couture for a resilient yet flexible hold. 

Half-up, Half-down Top Knot 

This is definitely our favourite of them all! First section your hair in half horizontally, then create a bun on top of your hair like so above. We love this hair style messy, but again it's up to you! For the bottom half you could leave this straight or even add some curls, Try the L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Wild Stylers Beach Waves Texturizing Salt Spray for Tousled waves and Beach hair effect. 

Low Knot 

Want a perfect, sophisticated look that's great for work or even an everyday look to get those pesky fly-aways elsewhere, then this is for you! After creating a middle parting, or any parting that suits you best, pull back all of the hair low at the back of your head. Then again, create a ponytail, wrap the hair around the band and bobby pin in to secure. Use L'Oréal Professionnel's Infinium Extreme Hold Hairspray, the lightweight spray perfect for fixing a style in place all day! At only £6.00 you can't go wrong! 

Side Knot 

Pretty much the same procedures as the Low knot but make this a lot looser and add some waves before completing this look. Just pull to the said end off you go! Don't know how to get those perfect messy waves? Try using the Ocean Spritz Salt Spray from EIMI to work some beachy magic on those curls! 

Space Knots 

Space knots, formally known as 'Space Buns'. The super cool and edgy hairstyle that'll make you look ready for any festivals, or maybe just for the supermarket run! To start this look pull your hair into a middle parting and add to ponytails, just like pigtails! Do the same procedure as normal, wrap the hair around the band and bobby pin the secure, then leave be and make messy! Our new fave thing it to add glitter, so don't be scared to get crafty! 

What's your favourite look to rock, or which one are you gonna try? Let us know over on our  FacebookInstagram or Twitter 

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Our Best Selling Hair and Beauty Products That You Need In Your Life

If you’re anything like us then you’re always on the look out for the number one hair and beauty products. Take a look at the HWS best sellers and find out what all the fuss is about!

Kerastase Soleil Aqua Seal

Summer weather can be one of the most testing conditions for our locks. UV rays can have long lasting damaging effects and not to mention the drying qualities of exposure to salt and chlorinated water. This handy little Kerastase product will not only protect your locks from damaging sun, it’s also packed with shine enhancing technology so your locks look wonderfully glossy too. Even better that it's infused with pro-vitamin B5 so your hair will be left beautifully nourished and healthy. It’s no wonder than it’s been super popular with you lot! Make sure you get yours and don’t miss out!

Decleor Men Skincare Aromessense Triple Action Shave Protector Serum

At HWS we're not just for the girls, in fact some of our best selling products are for the gents. And Decleor Men Skincare Aromessense Triple Action Shave Protector Serum one of the most popular of the lot! Infused with clove essential oil it works to look after your skin both before and after shaving. It also leaves your skin clearer and smoother. You can also use the serum with other products from the Decleor Men range as it promises to help enhance other after-shave lotions. Make sure you get yours today!

Wella Professional Oil Reflections Luminous Re-Boost Mask

We all want sleek, luscious locks from root to tip and with this super mask from Wella Professionals you can! It’s infusion of camellia oil and white tea extract works to infuse individual strands with long-lasting moisture and hydration. Just after one use your locks look and feel revitalised, restructured and restored. If you’re itching to get your hands on this products (and we can’t blame you if you are!) click here before they go!

Sebastian Professional Liquid Gloss

High shine hair never goes out of fashion! Sebastian Professional Liquid Gloss is not only super simple to use (just a few drops on towelled dry hair for 12 hours of glorious glossiness), it also helps to maintain sleekness and keep flyaways at bay. It’s ultra reflecting shine properties means that your locks will have unbeatable, salon worthy glimmer. You don’t want to miss out on this HWS favourite, so make sure you get yours today!

Decleor Aroma Svelt Body Firming Oil-In-Cream

There’s so many essential oils and active ingredients packed into this luxerious cream we couldn’t list them all! From grapefruit oil to harnessing the aromachological power, you really couldn’t find a better product to help moisturise and tone your skin. It’s extensive list of exotic ingredients also help to increase firmness and elasticity so your skin will feel and look wonderfully youthful and vibrant. And it’s light floral scent smells absolutely divine! Quite simply, we can’t get enough of this cream at HWS. Get yours too!  

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How Often Should Really Be Cutting Your Hair?

It’s the long standing debate, how often do you really need to be cutting your hair? You may be feeling guilty when you head to your salon to be told you should be going every six weeks but is that really true? It looks like maybe it isn’t. Just like how often your hair needs washing, the frequency of your salon appointments depends entirely on your hair and type and style. Here's what's right for your hair...

Tight Curls or Afro Hair

You might be relieved to know that if you’ve got afro or tightly curled hair it’s only suggested that you should have a trim 3 to 4 times a year. Of course, this does slightly depend on the length and style but generally it means that you don’t have to fret if you miss your six weekly slot!

Long Hair

Long hair doesn’t grow out of it’s style too quickly and should only need to be trimmed every 8 to 12 weeks. Of course, if your hairs in good condition it could be even less. Make sure you’re using a hair mask every 2 weeks to lock in moisture such as Shu Uemura Moisterising Velvet Masque which works to replenish and revive lack-lastre strands. You should also be using proper heat protection to minimise damage from heat styling tools too so that you don't have to head to the hairdressers every few weeks to have your splits trimmed. 

Short Hair

For those of you with the pixie cut you’ll want to be heading to the hairsalon every 5 to 6 weeks. It’s not so much depended on the healthiness of your locks but shorter hair styles need more maintenance to prevent them from loosing their shape.

So, is it time that you headed to the salon? Get in contact today and see how our team of experienced hair stylists can help transform your look!

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5 Of The Best… Heat Protectors Products For Sizzle Free Styling

We’re all guilty of it… reaching for those hair strengtheners a little too often and not taking proper care of our frazzled locks! That's why we’ve picked out some of our favourite heat protection products to make damaged tresses a thing of the past.

1. Kerastase Nectar Thermique

Best for? Reeeeally dry locks

Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique will pack your tired locks with moisture. The protection from oxidation will help increase the shine and softness of your hair too. Your tresses will be super easy to style with a wonderfully high-shine finished. 

2. Wella SP Repair Protect Perfect Ends

Best for? Weak hair and that’s prone to breakage

Split ends can be a problem even if you don’t excessively use heat styling tools. They’re even more of a problem if your locks are especially dry and prone to breaking. This punchy product promises to seal split ends whilst adding shine and suppleness so your locks are left in a generally healthier state.

3. Pureology Strength Cure Split Ends Salve

Best for? Coloured hair

Colouring your hair can leave it in a compromised condition but that doesn’t mean your locks have to be plagued with splits! Pureology Strength Cure Split Ends Salve helps to take special care of your dried out hair by reinforcing the cuticle layer for stronger strands. 

4. EIMI Styling Thermal Image

Best for? An all rounder

If your hair's kinda dry, kinda frizzy and generally a lil’ bit unruly then EIMI Styling Thermal Image is the right protect for you. It’s two phase formula works effectively to nourish hair and protects from heat up to 220 degrees leaving your hair smooth and shiny. Yes please!

5. Redken- Heat Design 09 Shaping Blow Dry Gelee

Best for? Intensely styled hair

You’ll get a double whammy with this wonder product! Not only does it use Heat Restyling Technology to protect your locks against heat damage it also adds extra shape whilst holding your style in place. You’ll get fantastically styled tresses whilst keeping your hair in a fab condition.  

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5 Steps For The Perfect Blow Dry 

Trying to create the perfect blow-dry can be hard work, especially if you don’t know where you’re going wrong. But no fear, it’s nothing that a little bit of practice and technique won’t fix! Take a look at our super easy 5 steps to getting the perfect blow-dry every time.

1. Condition

The perfect blow-dry starts in the shower! Hydrated hair that’s in a healthy condition is easier to style than dry or damaged locks. That’s why it’s so important to condition your hair thoroughly before blow drying. Try using J Beverly Hills Moisture Everyday Conditioner for hydration that doesn't weigh down your locks or make them greasy. 

2. Pat your hair dry

As tempting as it can be to blast your sopping locks with a hair dryer straight away this could really damage your hair as you’re exposing it to the heat of your hair dryer for a longer period of time. It’s also not a good idea to rub your hair with a towel as this can cause split ends. In fact, it’s best to simply pat your hair dry to get rid of excess water. If you’ve got the time, letting your hair air dry for 15 minutes or so can be one of the best ways to ensure that your hair incurs as little damage as possible.

3. Rough dry

When you start to dry your hair with the hair dryer, avoid using a brush straight away. Using a brush can damage your locks; remember when your hair is wet it means that it’s in a compromised condition and is more likely to be damaged by styling tools. You can use your fingers to untangle your hair as you point the nozzle of the hair dryer downwards. Do this until your hair is around 50% dry.

4. Divide your hair into sections

Divide your hair into 1-2 inch sections and use your brush to hold the hair out to the hair dryer. Take your time and let your hair dry on the brush. Also make sure that you concentrate on your roots first, and then move the hairdryer down towards your tips.

5. Finishing Touches 

You've nearly completed your perfect blow dry! But don't forget the finishing touches. Make sure you a angle a mirror so that you can see the back of your hair. Once your hair is dried you can use a soft brush to comb away any flyaways and apply your usual styling products such as, Sebastian Professional Shine Shaker for a wonderfully high shine finish! 

Remember, blow drying your hair effectively can take a long time- especially as your perfect the art! Want to leave it to the professionals? Give us a call to book yourself in! You can contact us here

10 Confusing Hair Myths... Are They True Or False? 

Remember growing up and being told that eating your crusts would give you curly hair? Yeah, we were never convinced by it either. But what other myths do we often hear about hair? We’ve sorted out the fact from the fiction so that you always know the best way to look after your locks.

Cutting your hair makes it grow faster

This is a myth that we’re often told, but there’s actually no truth in it. As your hair is already dead cutting it will make no difference to the amount of time it takes to grow. It will however ensure that it’s in a healthy condition with fewer split ends.

Running your hair under cold water makes it shiny

This one is true! According to scientists running your hair under cold water closes the hair follocies and therefore produces glossy locks! Having a cold shower not your thing? You can still leave locks with high shine by using Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Light Luminous Reflective Oil, formulated from white tea extract and camellia oil, the potion works to help condition locks whilst also giving beautiful luminosity.

Stopping washing your hair makes it ‘self clean’

err… you may have guessed it already but this is definitely false! Think about it, if you never washed your face it wouldn’t clean itself so the same rule applies to your locks. Best to stick to your hair washing routine!

Brushing your hair makes it healthy

We’ve long believed that brushing your hair means glossy, sleek locks but that’s not necessarily true. Brushing your hair too often can leave it damaged and in a compromised condition. If it’s knotty, brush it. If it’s not, then don’t. It’s simple!

You should wash your hair everyday

How often you should be washing your tresses is one of the most debated hair myths! But we’re gunna say that this is not true! Pay attention to hair, as we’re all different. Some of us get greasy roots after one day, but it’s more likely that your locks will need a wash after 2 or 3 days. Remember, though, some shampoos and conditioners can be too heavy for your locks and can increase the amount of oil in your hair. We recommend using a simple shampoo such as Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo, it’s gentle formula is designed to effectively cleanse your locks and is suitable for everyday use.

Pluck one grey hair and two will grow back

Luckily this one is false! There’s no evidence that plucking hairs make them grow back in doubles, however it’s generally not a good habit as plucking hairs can lead in infections and scaring.

You can’t make flat hair voluminous

This one is of course false! Due to our great selection of hair care products you’ll be able to achieve any styles you wish. Want voluminous locks? Try using Pureology Pure Volume Instant Levitation Mist, which promises to infuse hair with 24 hours of volume! Treat your locks to a lasting lift and fullness and it’ll even help to protect coloured hair too.

Hair grows faster in the summer

It’s true! Due to high temperatures it means enhanced circulation which in turn, increases the rate of hair growth.

Hair products can fix split ends

This one is actually not true. However, this doesn’t mean that there are not products available to help improve the appearance of split ends and to help nourish your locks and generally improve their condition. We love using Wella SP Repair Perfect Ends which is designed to intensively restore damaged hair so your locks are left with a wonderful shine and suppleness.

Blow drying your hair is worst than air drying

It’ll surprise you but this is false! In fact, leaving your hair to dry naturally could actually be doing it more harm than good. If you’re using the right heat protection, blow drying should do little to no harm to your locks. Try using L’oreal Professional Serie Expert Nutrifier Blow Dry Cream, designed to protect hair fibre from up to 230 degree heat.

What hair myths have you always believed? Let us know over on our  FacebookInstagram or Twitter 

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Summer Wedding Hair

So you’re tying the knot this summer, congrats! You’ve sorted the dress, the make up and the guest list but what about your locks? Need some inspo? We’ve listed a few of our fave looks from this season to help you decide!

Hollywood Glamour

You can’t go too wrong with this look, it’s traditional and feminine finish will have you feeling like a superstar on your big day. Try tying your hair back into a sleek bun for this classic look! We love using Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Spray, not only will it add a glorious shine to your locks but it will also help hold your look in place.

Flirty Fishtail

This is the perfect un-done look to give you that summer bohemian vibe! Try using a salt spray to roughen up your locks for a perfectly flyaway finish, we recommend using Redken Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid Spray for Beachy Waves. It’s infusion of minerals and latex work to build texture in your hair and create a soft, finger curls. This look is ideal for an outside wedding, think all things rustic!

Mermaid Hair

Every bride wants to be a mermaid on her wedding day, right? Regardless, these loose curls are a winner! They’re super low maintenance and look gorgeous too. Try using J Beverly Hills Shape Crazy Curl serum to encourage curl retention and define wavy hair. Plus the scent of lavender smells great!

High Pony

A high pony teamed with a low backed dressed = beaut! Make your hair extra glossy and knot free by using Redken Diamond Oil Conditioner for silky smoothness and instant detangling. Prep your locks by using this conditioner as part of your normal hair washing routine prior to your wedding day.

So what look will you go for? Let us know over on our  FacebookInstagram or Twitter 

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 Best Shampoos For Dry Hair 

The sun can have damaging effects on our hair and whilst we can do our best to protect against harmful UV damage sometimes are tresses are just in need of a little love and a lot of hydration! We’ve put together a list of our favourite moisturising shampoo to make looking after your locks in summer super easy!

Macadamia Ultra Rich Moisture Shampoo

This fantastic shampoo has long been a favourite of ours here at HWS Hair and Beauty! It’s unique formula repairs the hair cuticle and reduces frizz so that your locks are soft to touch! It’s designed for coiled or very curly hair and we think that it works wonders!

Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturising Shampoo

This shampoo is designed for thick, unruly hair to bring back moisture and tame curls. It’s enriched with shea butter and lightweight silk extracts to cleanse your hair whilst deeply nourishing it from roots to tip. It’ll leave your locks with a wonderful shine too!

Wella SP Hydrate Shampoo

It’s in the name… this shampoo is designed especially for hair that is in desperate need of moisture! It effectively hydrates dry hair leaving it with immediate softness and long-lasting protection from drying out. Even better that it’s lightweight formula means that it won’t over load your locks with unnecessary chemicals.

L’Oreal Professionell Pro Fiber Restore Shampoo

This shampoo is lightweight enough to use daily but still performs miracles! It’s specifically designed for hair that’s damaged and needs a lil’ bit of extra TLC! It’s professional resurfacing qualities means that your locks are cleansed, revived and revitalised for a salon worthy finish!

J Beverly Hills Everyday Shampoo

This no-frills everyday shampoo is one of our absolute faves! Why? Because it’s a fail- safe way of guaranteeing your hair is always wonderfully hydrated. The sulphate free formula helps to nourish hair leaving it smooth, refreshed and healthy. Yes please! 

We’d love to know how you keep your locks hydrated especially in Summer! Let us know over on our  FacebookInstagram or Twitter 

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5 Unexpected Things That Are Damaging Your Hair 

At HWS Hair and Beauty we do our absolute best to keep our hair in its best possible condition, but there are things that most of us are guilty of that effect the healthiness of our locks. Take a look at the unexpected ways that we are damaging our hair and what we can do to prevent it.

Tying it up

Ok so, this one can be pretty unavoidable- we all have to tie our hair up at some point! But tying your locks too tight can cause damage. If you’re hairband feels like it’s going to break then your hair certainly is! Try and avoid elastics with the metal strip on them and remember to use bobby pins to secure a look rather than tying your hair up too tight!

Switching styles

Even if your hair is in fab condition, changing your style too many times in a day can causes breakages and splits. If you put your hair down after it’s been in a top knot remember to de-tangle it properly to minimise any damage. We recommend using L’Oreal Professionell Mythic Oil Serum De Force to help keep hair in a healthy condition. It’ll help to strengthen your locks from the root and to protect from breakages so that your hair is left glossy and more resilient.

Sleeping with wet hair

Your hair is at it’s most fragile when it’s wet so you should always try and have dry hair before bedtime! Try using Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer before blow drying to help strengthen the hair against damage caused by heat. It will also speed up the time it takes to blow dry your locks so that you can go to bed quicker! Remember, your hair is in a compromised condition when it's wet so try and avoid brushing or combing it too. 

Exposing your hair to sun

We don’t just mean summer sun either! Your hair is prone to UV damage, no matter what the temperature is outside! Luckily, there are loads of fab products on the market to help protect your locks against the damaging effects of sun exposure. We recommend using Macadamia Endless Sun Shield Dry Oil, a spray that is designed to protect your hair against harmful rays leaving your hair looking wonderfully shiny.

Using the same shampoo after changing your hair 

If you've opted for a new style or recently dyed your locks make sure you're using a shampoo that's suited to do your new 'do. If you've got freshly dyed tresses used Wella SP Color Save Shampoo that protects your locks with colour save 3D technology and is gentle enough for regular use. Remember that a lot of shampoo and conditioners are designed for specific hair types so make sure you know what you need before shopping. 

Did you know these day-to-day things are damaging your hair? What do you do to keep your locks in looking luscious?  Head over to our FacebookInstagram or Twitter and let us know! 

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No Fuss Date Night Hairstyles

We’ve all been there, it’s 6pm and you’re meeting him the other side of town at 7. You’re outfit is on fleek and so is your make-up, but what about your hair? Don’t compromise your look by following our simple no fuss date night hairstyles to make sure you’re looking your best!

Beachy Waves

This almost effortless look guarantees fail-safe style! We love using Redken Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid Spray to create big, bouncy curls. Unlike other texturising sprays, it’s salt-free which means it won’t dry out your locks. It uses a unique blend of minerals and latex that are super good for your hair’s condition too. Just toss your hair back and do your thing!

Messy Ballerina Bun

We love how easy this look is! Just tie your hair into a bun at the nape of your neck and you’re ready to roll! Don’t worry about loose strands, it’ll just add to the bohemian vibe. Finish off your look by using L’oreal Professionnel Infinium Hairspray Soft Hold for a flexible hold and subtle fixation so your look will last the night.

Clip Back

You’ll look uber sophisticated with this no-time-at-all style! Simply brush your locks and use Kerastase Elixir Ultime Classic, a versatile beautifying oil, so your locks are fantastically high-shine and soft. Next brush your tresses behind your ears and secure with a clip either side, you can go extra fancy and use a faux-diamond hair slide! You’ll be looking full-on glamorous in under 5 minutes!

The Runway Blowout

This style requires a little more time, but the results are certainly worth it! Before blow drying your hair use Redken Satinwear 04 Ultimate Blow Dry Lotion, not only will it protect your locks against the damaging effects of heat styling it will also long-last humidity protect for a frizz-free finish. Whilst drying your locks, wrap sections of hair around a wide brush. If you’re going for extra-glamour you add more curls with a think curling iron for a truly salon-worthy style.  

What are you go-to date night styles? We'd love to know!  Head over to our FacebookInstagram or Twitter and let us know! 

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The Ultimate Girls Night In!

There’s nothing better than a night in with your girlfriends. Open a bottle of your fave wine, watch your number one Netflix series and have a good ol’ pamper! We’ve put together our top 10 tips to make your girls night in the best one yet!

Take off your make up!

One of the best things about being with your BFFs is you can be completely yourself… and yes, that means no make up! It’s a bit like taking your bra off at the end of the day, it’s such a good feeling! We love using Decleor Aroma Cleanse Micellar Oil, it’s super easy to use and leaves your face wonderfully cleansed and nourished

Get cosy in your dressing gown!

We think that the humble dressing gown is truly underrated! In fact we think that every gal should own one! Once you’re in your dressing gowns you’ll feel beautifully snug and ready to start pampering!

Look after your skin with a face mask 

We all know that the golden rule of a great girls night in is face mask… they’re practically compulsory! Try Decleor’s Aroma Cleanse Clay and Herbal Cleansing Mask, it’s gentle formula purifies your skin whilst also helping to clear your complexion. It’ll leave you feeling well and truly pampered!

Get some tunes on!

No night in is complete without a cheesy Spotify playlist! Pop on your fave sing-a-long tunes to make your girls night in feel like a real party!


Once you’ve washed your face mask off, you’ll need to moisturise. We love using Decleor Dehydrated Skin hydra Floral Hydrating Light Cream, it’ll leave your skin beautifully moisturised and the infusion of Neroli esstential oil smells heavenly! You’ll feel like you’ve just left the spa!

Netflix and nails

Treat the gals to a DIY manicure! Grab your favourite nail varnish and get creative. Not quite the look your were going for? No fear, at HWS Hair and Beauty we offer luxury nail treatments and shellac nails too, take a look at our Beauty Room to find out more!

Pamper your hands too! 

Finish off your DIY manicures by treating your mitts to some moisture! We love using J Beverly Hills Hand and Body Lotion. With it’s unique blend of olive and lavender oils, this wonder-product will soothe your skin leaving your hands beautifully soft.

Stock up on the chocolate!

This one goes without saying! We really wouldn’t expect you to plan your girls night in without our favourite treat! Forget about the diet... go on, you know you want to!

Hair mask!

You’ve treated your face to spa-style treatment but what about your locks?! Why not try using Kerastase Chronologiste Esstential Revitalising Balm? It’s designed to totally revitalise your hair by luxuriously conditioning your locks leaving them soft, shiny and full of bounce! Your hair will have never looked healthier!

Grab ya tanning mitts!

We never feel as glamorous as we do when we’ve got a great tan! Opt for DIY and try Decleor Aroma Sun Expert Self Tanning Milk Natural Glow Face & Body to help build a beautiful golden radiance! Want instant results? Why not check out our Beauty Room and learn more about our St Tropez tanning, starting from only £25!

We’d love to hear your favourite way to pamper on your girls nights in! What’s your favourite product to use?  Head over to our FacebookInstagram or Twitter and let us know! 

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Gym Bag Beauty Essentials Every Girl Needs

Many of us have been hitting the gym is a last minute attempt to achieve our summer bodies dreams (urgh or maybe it's just us!). But what beauty essentials do we rely on to keep us looking fresh face post-work out? 

1.Dry Shampoo

Our absolute must have beauty product for a post-workout hair fix is dry shampoo, no seriously where would we be without it?! But after an intense work out your tresses need more than just a light oil absorbent, that’s why we love using J Beverly Hills Platinum Dry Clean Shampoo a super effective dry shampoo that works to add volume to your hair whilst also absorbing oils and moisture to leave your locks truly refreshed. It even comes in a handy travel size so it’s perfect for your gym bag!

2.Make Up Remover

As much as we don’t like it, working out means getting sweaty which means your pores are more at risk of getting clogged which leads to break outs. It’s super important to cleanse your face of make up and other impurities before and after your workout sesh and definitely before you. We use Decleor Aroma Cleanse Refreshing Eye Make Up Remover as our go to product! It’s mega effective on tough make up like water proof mascara and it even helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles… errr yes please! It’ll leave your face feeling beautifully clean which makes it a gym bag must!

3.BB Cream

Going to the gym make up free might not sound all that appealing to you… you’re bound to run into a co-worker or an ex, right? No fear, there are gym friendly options! Decleor Dehydrated Skin Hydra Floral BB Cream is an incredibly light formula that combines 24 hour moisture for naturally flawless looking skin. It won’t clog up your pores either, making this an absolute win!

4.Body Wash 

Sometimes you need to add a lil’ luxury into your gym beauty routine and that’s why we love J Beverly Hills Hand and Body Wash! The lavender infusion smells define and is the relaxation you need after a busy work out! It takes good care of your skin too, by leaving you with long lasting hydration and nourishment.

5. Shampoo

Your post gym shampoo needs to be up to the job of effectively clearing impurities and excess oil whilst being gentle enough to use regularly. That’s why we love Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Shampoo, it’s wealth of active and rare natural ingredients mean that this wonder-product works to restore the solidity of hair fibres ensuring your locks are cleansed and healthy from root to tip.

6. Hair Serum

An intense workout combined with the intense air conditioning in the gym can really exhaust your hair leaving it a little bit lacking in life! Using a hair serum is a simple solution to revive your locks. Try using Wella Professionals Enrich Repair Serum to help repair damaged tresses and protect against harmful environments. Your hair will be left looking glossy, rejuvenated and nourished- no one will believe you’ve just worked out!

 What's your gym beauty routine? Head over to our FacebookInstagram or Twitter and let us know! 

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Our May Favourites!


We can’t believe how quickly this year is going! It’s June already which means that summer is just around the corner! Our 5 faves from May are a mix of skincare essentials to prep your skin for the summer weather and hair care must haves!

1. Wella SP Luxeoil Reconstructive Elixir

Sometimes your tresses need a lil’ bit of extra love, especially when the weather can’t quite make up its mind! (Seriously though, it’s either bright sunshine or rain… we can’t keep up!). By using karatin protection, this wonder- product provides instant long lasting smoothness and shine for your locks. We’ve been using Wella SP Luxeoil Reconstructive Elixir a couple of times a week to make sure our hair is always looking its best! This product is also suitable for types including coloured hair!

2. Decleor Aroma Epil Post Wax Double Action Cream for Sensitive Areas

It’s getting to that time of year again when you can’t avoid hair removal but skin can be extra sensitive to waxing and shaving. This cream is especially designed to soothe sensitive areas such as lips, underarms, bikini line and eyebrows after hair removal leaving your skin wonderfully nourished and cared for. We can’t imagine going the whole summer without this product! You can say goodbye to shaving rash and irritated skin and all for only £16.00!

3. Shu Uemura Colour Lustre Dry Cleaner

Especially designed for coloured hair, Shu Uemura Colour Lustre Dry Cleaner has become a firm favourite at HWS Hair and Beauty! The micro-fine powders absorb excess oil leaving your hair ready for the day (or night!) in no time at all! It’s perfect to slip into your gym bag for a post work out style boost!

4. Decleor Body Well Being Arome Tonic Tonifying Body Fragrance

This delicate perfume smells of absolute luxury! Designed to immediately refresh and revitalise your skin to leave your body and mind invigorated, it really is a treat! We’ve slipped it into our handbags and so we can spritz this gorgeous scent throughout the day- our salon has never smelt better!

5.Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer

We're a fan of anything that saves us time in the morning and Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer does just that! It’s designed to cut down blow dry time whilst also protecting your barnett from heat styling- it’s a win win! What’s more it adds plenty of volume to your locks and even promises to leave hair 3 times stronger. We’ve love using this product!

You’ve heard our favourites but what do you think? We’d love to know if you’ve discovered any must-have hair and beauty products this May! Head over to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and let us know! 

Remember you can get your hands on our faves for yourselves by clicking on the links above! Why not take a look at our entire range of haircare and skincare products?



5 Step Beauty Regime for Long Haul Flights

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off this summer to sunnier shores, you’ll be thinking about how to look after your skin on your 8 hour (or longer!) flight. Long haul flights can leave your skin dehydrated and tired and definitely not holiday ready. We’ve put together our simple 5 step regime for that 'I landed like this' face freshed look! 

Step 1. Cleanse.

It may seem a little bit extreme, but taking off your make up on a long haul flight and cleansing your face is one of the best ways to ensure that by the time you leave the plane your skin is radiant. Try using Decleor Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing Oil which is designed to effortless removed eye and face make up and leaves skin exceptionally clean. We love the wonderfully fragrant scent of the infusion of Nerori oil, so your skin won’t only be gently refreshed but you’ll feel super relaxed too!

Step 2. Hydrate.

Cabin air conditioning can be really damaging for your skin, especially if you’re already prone to dryness. Don’t be afraid to use a moisturiser with a richer formula than you might do normally, your skin will only be pleased for it! We recommend using Decleor Dehydrated Skin Hydra Floral Hydrating Rich Cream, suitable for all skin types it will ensure beautiful skin. It’s packed to the brim with active ingredients such as rose-hip, avocado and soy, the cream provides an enriched formula that works to protect and comfort skin in a changing environment- making it the ideal hydration rescue for a long haul flight!

Step 3. Nourish.

You might need a moisture-reboot at the half way point of your flight. If you’re not too embarrassed to be seen in a face mask, then they can be the ideal solution to under-nourished skin! We love how easy Decleor Brightening/Whitening Aroma C+ Intense Brightening Sheet Mask is to use and it’s ideal to have in your hand luggage. These wonder-masks promise to provide intense hydration to dull complexions and transform tired out skin. The infusion of Liquorice Extract will quench dehydrated skin leaving your face deeply nourished with a translucent glow. These sheet masks even come in a pack of 5 so you’ll have one for the flight home too!

Step 4. Eyes.

If you’re feeling warn out but trying to hide it your eyes will give it away! The skin around your eyes is extra sensitive and is even more at risk of the harmful environment of the cabin. We recommend using Decleor Brightening/Whitening Aroma C+ Anti- Dark Circle Multi Brightening Eye Care, just like the mask, this eye treatment is especially formulated to treat skin that’s in extra need of hydration. Not only will it help re-moisturise the sensitive skin around your eyes, it will also boost skin radiance by the infusion of illumination pearls so your skin is left looking bright, hydrated and more youthful.

Step 5. Lips.

Just like your eyes, your lips are excessively sensitive and can be a tell-tell sign that your face is not properly hydrated. A change in environment, regardless of whether it’s hot or cold, can have a dramatic effect on your lips. We swear by using Decleor Dry Skin Nutrition Luxuriant Nourishing Lip Balm to keep our lips soft, smooth and hydrated. The infusion of Egyptian marjoram essential oil, shea butter and macadamia oil melt into the lips to leave moisture and hydration fully restored. Use this throughout your flight for a perfectly kissable pout! 

Remember, you can decant these products into smaller containers so that they easily fit into your hand luggage! We'd love to know where you're jetting off to this summer, head on over to our FacebookInstagram or Twitter and let us know! 

You can check out our entire range of Decleor product here or simply click the links above! What are your favourites?


How to Look After Short Hair

Could the pixie cut be making a come back? With the likes of Emma Willis, Kristen Stewart and even Rita Ora opting for this edgy look we figured it’ll be super popular this summer, and what’s not to love? But what’s the best way to look after short hair? We’ve put together this handy guide so that your boyish locks will still look marvelously glamorous!

Wash Your Hair Less!

We can’t be the only ones who get mega lazy when it comes to hair wash day! With long locks it can be unavoidable but that’s not always the case with your new short ‘do! Washing your hair too often and using lots of product will only upset your natural oil balance leaving you with irritatingly greasy locks! You’ll need a trusted lightweight formula like Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo and Conditioner. It’ll gently cleanse your hair and scalp and it’ll even promote smoothness and tame any unruly strays. Frizz can be more of a problem with shorter hair so use these products regularly (but sparingly!) so your tresses are wonderfully smooth. 

No More Blow Drying!

Your new short ‘do will dry in seconds, so there’s really no need for heat drying. What’s more, blow drying your hair will lead to frizz and untamed flyaways. Instead, why not embrace the bed-head style and opt for using a texturising spray like J Beverly Hills Texture Beach Spray. Try spritzing it on damp hair before bedtime, and wake up to riotous waves! It’ll add hold, texture and volume so you can achieve that summery tousled, bohemian look.

Beware... Too Much Volume!

It's not often you hear us at HWS Hair and Beauty complain about too much volume but with short hair that can sometimes be the case! Shorter styles are prone to looking a lil’ bit unruly if  volume isn’t kept in check! You’ll find that using a matte paste will help with ease of styling your hair, we recommend using Sebastian Professional Matte Putty. This soft texturiser makes styling your hair super easy and holds your look all day! If you have slightly longer hair, try using a mousse instead like Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte which is every bit as good as their putty! It’s a high preforming styling product with a strong hold whilst still leaving your hair soft to touch.

Dry Shampoo Is Your New Best Friend

Dry shampoo is an absolute lifesaver no matter the length of your locks! But when you've got short hair, a spritz of dry shampoo can be all you need to turn limp locks into a wonder-barnet that's ready to last the day (and night!). We love using L'Oreal Professional Tecni.Art Morning After Dust Invisible Dry Shampoo that ensures a long lasting fresh feeling to revive your style! 

The Possibilities Are Endless!

With short styles there are so many styling possibilities! Try using L’Oreal Professional Techi.Art Fix Move Light Holding Gel, designed for all hair types this go-to styling product will help you create stand-out looks with a movable finish. Or, Shu Uemura Clay Definer Rough Moulding Pomade will have to create that elusive, slept in look for a roughen up style! Or if the bed-head look isn’t for you, go for Wella Sp Satin Polish, a smoothing crème designed to leave your locks with an elegant, anti-frizz finish.

What’s your favourite product to use on your short hair? Head on over to our FacebookInstagram or Twitter and let us know! 

Remember to check out our full range of styling products, we particularly love the extensive choice of the L’Oreal Professional Tecni.Art collection! Or check out all our products here!  




Get Hair Ready for Royal Ascot 

There’s plenty of reasons why we love June; it’s the month of sun and good hair! But we can’t deny that one of our favourite things about this summery month is feeling like royalty whilst watching Royal Ascot (we mean on the telly… we’re not fancy enough to go ourselves!). Since the event started in 1711 it’s been a hit with the royal ladies and has seen style innovations through the years from Queen Victoria to our very own Princess Kate. Keeping the style stakes high is probably one of the most important aspects of Ascot and hats are compulsory! So if you’re going to the grand event this year, or if you just like to feel fancy, you’ll need to avoid hat hair. We’ve put together this handy guide to make sure your tresses stay looking royally fabulous!

Get Healthy Hair

First up, you’ll need your hair to be in healthy condition! Yes, we know that’s easier said than done but with daily moisturising shampoo and conditioning you’ll achieve nourished hair that’s easy to style in no time! We love using Macademia Nourishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, the unique blend of argan and macademia oils help to re-hydrate your locks and take care of your scalp too. Enriched with vitamins A, E and C, use these products as part of your daily hair routine for wonderfully healthy tresses!

Dry Your Locks

Putting a hat on wet hair is an instant NO and a one way ticket to a hat hair nightmare! Use Kerastase Resistance Volumifique Mousse on towelled dried hair to safeguard volume with its anti-static effects. It’ll also help to protect your locks against heat damage so your tresses can maintain a healthy feeling after blow drying and heat styling.

Mix It Up... Part Your Hair Differently

One of the biggest no-nos for hat wearing hair is flatness… your locks need to be full-bodied and full volume! Try sectioning your hair the opposite way of your natural or go-to parting to create an instant lift. Try using L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Volumetry Anti-Gravity Volume Root Spray, a leave in miracle worker that is designed to lift your dried hair from the roots so you can wave goodbye to deflated locks!

Get Primer Savvy

If you’re being creative with your ‘do, you’ll need to use a trusted hair primer to ensure that your hair remains in a good condition and that it’s super easy to style. We’re mad about Shu Uemura Wonder Worker Primer. It’ll help tame frizz, boost hair radiance and add silkiness to your tresses. It’ll even enhance the performance of styling products making this an absolute must-have primer for any look.

Add Texture To Your Tresses

It’s not just about volume, to look your best whilst wearing a hat you’ll want to add texture to your tresses too! We recommend using Redken Fashion Waves 07 Texturising Salt Spray, this easy to use wonder potion will add instant texture to your tresses along with lightweight body, just simply spritz onto towelled dried to dry hair. It’s even comes in a small enough bottle so you can slip it into your bag and touch up for instant texture throughout the day.

Styling On The Go

When you’re looking this fancy, you’ll need to carry a travel sized brush and hair spray to fix your style on the move! Just spray a little Sebastian Professional Potion 9 Travel Size onto your brush to gently tame flyaways so that your silky ‘do can last the day. Don’t want to carry a hair brush with you all day? No fear, you can spritz Sebastian Professional Potion 9 straight onto the palm of your hand and use your fingers to tame your strays. Even better, doing it this way won’t flatten your hair.

So, are you being treated like a princess and heading to Royal Ascot this month? Or are you like us and watching it from the comfort of your own home, whist dreaming of the glamourous lifestyle? Either way, we’d love to hear what your favourite products are for keeping hat hair at bay. Remember to check out our entire range of products in our online shop, or just click on the links above! 

While your at it, why not tag us in your pics of your most glamorous hair do? We’d love to see your regal style!  Head on over to our FacebookInstagram or Twitter now!


Is It Time To Give Your Hair a Detox?

It’s that time of year again when most of us are desperately trying to achieve our summer bodies ready for the season of sun and beach days, but should we be taking extra steps to help prep our hair too? Kind of like a smoothie diet for your hair, find out how a detox for your locks can leave your tresses summer ready!

No Heat Styling... Bye Bye Blow Dry :( 

First thing’s first, to ensure your locks are in prime condition you’ll have to say goodbye to heat styling. The use of hairdryers, straighteners and curling irons can damage the fibre of your hair which needs intense nourishment to repair. Worried that the world’s not ready to see your au- natural barnet... No fear, you can still flaunt frizz-free locks with Redken Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force, a lightweight smoothing lotion spray that tames flyaway to leave you with wonderfully smooth and silky hair!

You Need To Look After Your Scalp Too! 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that it's not just our hair that needs looking after. Your scalp can be irritated by the harsh styling chemicals we sometimes use on our hair and it’s super important that we soothe and repair and the skin. Use Wella SP Clear Scalp Shampeeling to intensely cleanse your scalp and eliminate the build of dandruff so your scalp is left feeling rejuvenated and soothed.

Moisture is the Key To Healthy Hair! 

If you’re getting ready for your summer holiday remember exposure to the sun can result in your hair lacking in hydration which can lead to spit ends and an unruly texture. Try washing your for several weeks leading up to your holiday with Shu Uemura Art of Hair Urban Moisture Shampoo , the lightweight formula is specially designed to provide just the right level of hydration to your locks. It’ll even leave your hair strengthened and protected against further damage.

Hair Oils Are Your New Best Friend! 

Once you start using hair oil it’ll quickly become your best friend in your quest for softer, healthier looking locks! Try using Macadamia Professional Ultra Rich Moisture Oil Treatment that will provide long lasting care whilst leaving your locks with a luscious shine. This’ll be your go to product this summer to avoid spits and coarse hair. Even better that you only need a pea-sized amount for it to work its magic!

Weekly Masks Will Repair Months of Damage!

If you really want to gaurentee that your hair is in tip-top condition for summer, then you’ll need to be using a deep treatment or mask twice a week for wonderfully intense conditioning. We love Redken Diamond Oil Deep Facets Intensive Treatment for providing intensive replenishment leaving hair with a brilliant shine.

Uh Oh.... I've Got No Time For a Hair Detox!

No fear, we've got a solution for that too! Try using Keratin Hair System Moisturising System specially designed to help lock in moisture and strengthen all hair types so that your locks are ready for a summer in the sun! 

Let us know what you think, will you be taking a hair detox? Head on over to our FacebookInstagram or Twitter and let us know! Or if you're already packing your suitcase for your summer getaway, check out our range of products specially designed for sun exposed hair here! Enjoy the sun! 



 Looking After Your Skin in the Sun 

So, you’ve booked your summer holiday and you’re counting down the days until you jet off to hit the beach, but as much as we love the sun, there’s steps you need to take to make sure you have a safe, sun-kissed glow.

Always Avoid Sun beds

Sun beds are nothing but bad news, with some doctors stating that the unhealthy UV rays in sunbeds can increase your risk of skin cancer by up to 75%! That’s a big no- go! But if you’re desperate to start your holiday with a sunkissed glow try using Decleor Aroma Sun Expert Self Tanning Milk Natural Glow Face & Body to create a golden radiance whilst helping to prep your skin for the sun. 

Help Promote a Healthy Tan

We all want to get back from our holidays with a beautifully bronzed glow, so help promote a healthy tan by using DecleorAroma Sun Expert - Aromessence Solaire Tan Activator Oil Serum before sun exposure. It works to help protect the skin against the damaging effects of the sun, this must-have summer products, will leave your skin evenly sun-kissed with a long lasting glow. Err… we need this NOW!

Make Sure You’ve Packed Your Sunscreen

Always remember to protect yourself against the harsh effects of the sun on your skin. We recommend using DECLÉOR Aroma Sun Expert Protective Hydrating Milk for Body, it’s SPF30 so will provide you with a medium- high protection against harmful UV rays. Even better, it’s non-greasy and absorbs summer quickly into your skin. Remember to re-apply frequently and especially after you’ve taken a dip in the pool.

Moisturise! And Then Moisturise Some More!

That’s right, moisturising is the key to healthy skin all year round, but especially when harsh sun leaves your skin red or dry. We love using DECLÉOR Aroma Confort Systeme Corps Moisturising Body Milk to re-hydrate skin and envolope your body with a protective layer of moisture. Remember to moisturise before and after sun exposure! Not only will it ensure your skin is left in a wonderfully nourished condition, it’ll also make your tan last longer too.

Take Care of Your Skin Once Your Holiday is Over Too

Providing restorative care for sun damaged skin is vital to help maintain moisture. Decleor Aroma Sun Expert Soothing After Sun Milk Face & Body helps to soothe pealing skin and even promotes a longer lasting tan whilst using strengthening and repairing properties to nourish your sun-kissed body.


It’s super important to keep safe in sun so make sure you stock up on our summer must-have products, just click the links above! 

Want to share your snaps of your summer hols? Head over to our   FacebookInstagram or Twitter  and show off your sun-kissed skin! 


5 Minute Hair Styles

We can’t be the only ones who are always in a rush in the mornings! But we don’t like to compromise on our hair do’s, and nor should you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our fave 5 minute ‘dos so that you’ll never have a bad hair day again!

The Knotted Pony

This is a modern take on a classic! If your go-to style is the laid back pony, then why not inject a ‘lil glamour into your everyday look with this super-easy trend? Here’s how!

1. Start by using Wella Professional EIMI Styling Velvet Amplifier, a lightweight smoothing styling primer that will leave your hair in the perfect condition to start styling!

2. Tie your hair into a ponytail. It doesn’t matter if it’s a high pony, a low pony or a side pony- what ever style takes your fancy!

3. Take a strand of hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail. Make sure it’s secure- this is what will hold your pony in place!

4. Use bobby pins to guarantee your ‘knot’ stays put. Open up the pin and position it below your ponytail and slide it up so that it’s super-secure.

5. Finish off your look by sealing in your style with Wella Professional EIMI Styling Stay Styled, to leave your new ‘do smooth and frizz free!

The Hair Bow

This pretty look will transform your hair from bed-head mayhem to bohemian chic in a matter of minutes! Take a look at how easy it is!

1. Prep your hair by using Redken Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid, a blend specially designed to infuse your locks with texture. Use this to help create an extra summery, care free look.

2. Pull two strands of hair, about 2cm wide, from each side of your hair.

3. Pull the two sections to the back of your head and cross them over

4. Tie a bow using the two strands and secure with bobby pins and voilà! You’re perfectly styled hair is here!

The Half-up Bun

The half-up bun was literally invented for lazy mornings! And you can achieve this on- trend look in minutes!

1. Start by spritzing your locks with L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Morning After Dust Invisible Dry Shampoo to add volume and thickness

2. Section off the top part of your hair and pull it back to create a messy top knot

3. Secure with a few bobby pins and loosen a few strands to leave you with an ‘un-done’ look… and you’re left with an edgy look that will last the day!

The Easy Twisty Bun

With this easy as pie look no will know that you’ve just rolled out of bed! Glamorous and intricately beautiful, this look will have your co-workers rushing to compliment you!

1. Tie your hair into two high bunches, don’t worry about brushing your locks- this look is all about effortless style!

2. Braid each of the bunches right down to the tips and secure with a clear elastic high tie.

3. Twist the two braids together to and secure with bobby-pins to leave your with a wonderfully stylish bun!

4. You’ll need a firm hold hair spray to make sure this look stays looking luscious all day. We love Shu Uemura Detail Master Directional Fixing Spray for high- hold and a sleek finish.

The Crazy Long Mane Pony

Here at HWS Hair and Beauty this is one of our favourite style cheats! Create the illusion of longer hair in minutes!

1. Start by using Matérialiste Thickening Spray Gel from Kérastase's 'Styling' range, to leave you with fuller, lush looking locks. The perfect foundation for this wow-worthy look.

2. Separate the top part of your hair and create a high pony and clip it up to keep it out the way

3. Make another ponytail with the hair in the lower section

4. Un-clip the top pony to create the illusion of a super long pony! Pull your finger through your hair to create a seamlessly natural look.


We’d love to know what you think of these super easy style hacks, head on over to our  FacebookInstagram or Twitter  to let us know what you think of these 5 Minute life savers for your locksRemeber to click on the links above to get your hands on these must-have products, or take a look at our great range of hair and skincare brands here



Hairtyles for Prom 2017

Prom season is now upon us, and if you're like most people you still have no idea on what to do with your locks! 

Do you where it up or down? Do I have any accessories? Should it be curls, crimped or straight? Will someone have the same hair as me? 

If you've asked yourself any of those questions then you've come to the right place. We're going to give you 5 incredible, unique and beautiful hairstyles to rock at your prom, as well as some hair products that will make life 100% easier! 

Whether you're doing it at home with your big sister or you've gone into a salon, this article will help out big-time! 

Be Elsa inspired this prom! The hit movie 'Frozen' hosted a range of beautiful hairstyles, as does every Disney movie, but everyone was struck but Elsa's incredible French braid that was so elegant and pretty! First curl your hair to add volume and texture, use some of L'Oréal Professionnel's Série Expert Volumetry Anti-Gravity Volume Root Spray to add volume, then French braid the hair. Pull out pieces of hair and bring out the fringe. Add some tiny flowers of your choice to the braid for a 'boho' touch then finish with the most incredible hairspray from Redken. Their Pure Force 20 Finishing Spray will definitely do the trick! 

We love simple and this next hairstyle's perfect for any hair length and any style of dress! A simple hairstyle will make a dress that's not so simple a lot easier to style! This red-carpet favorite looks sleek and elegant and is super easy to achieve! First section your hair at the desired parting, wprefer middle for this look but it's entirely up to you! Pull back the hair and smooth it down using The Baume Double Je, the Multi-talented styling balm with the best hold from Kérastase. Grab into a low, or high ponytail then you're done! Add a touch of hairspray and may even a hair cuff around the headband to finish off the look! 

Feeling edgy?! Do this hairstyle for a faux shaved side! Part your hair at the side and plait the side. Tuck the braid under the rest of your hair, then that's step one done! Next, curl your hair, or leave it natural using the Kaze Wave Curl Texturizing Foam from Shu UemuraKaze Wave helps define sensual and glamorous curls. It gives your hair a flexible, medium hold with texture and a natural shine without a crunchy feel.  

You're gonna love this one – the faux wet look! First straighten your hair, then, use Redken's Shape Factor 22 Sculpting Cream Paste, a high hold hairspray in the formula of a paste! Use this by covering your hair root to tip in the paste, making sure that each stand of hair is totally covered. Lastly, use a brush or comb to make sure all the fly-aways are stuck down! 

You know what they say – go big or go home – go big with these beautiful and easy beachy waves! First create texture by curling the hair, ten backcombing and adding a texturing spray, our favorite is The Styling Ocean Spritz from EIMI, the affordable sea salt spray to achieve light hold, texture and definition that has a natural-looking matte finish. 

What hairstyle will you be rocking this year at prom, or maybe in years to come! Let us know over on our social media! 


Pippa Middleton Royal Wedding Hair Ideas 

It's going to be the biggest ball of the year and as well as our best posh voice, we need to attend with the best hairstyle, a hairstyle fit for the queen! 

Here are some of our most favorite royal wedding hair ideas and what product we would recommend to use! 

Maybe something simple, elegant and perfect for the flower girl... create curls using a wand or straightens, then wrap the front pieces of your hair and tie them at the back. Add some fake, or real flowers then you're ready for the ball. Try using L'Oreal Professionel's Curl Contour collection to ensure those curls stay perfect all night. 

Frame your face with the perfect updo to tie the knot this year.. Leaving out section at the front of your head to frame your face, grab the rest of the hair and tie it in a low bun, mess it up or leave it be you'll need some hairspray to lock it in. Take a sneak peek into Redken's Hairspray range to find a whole variety of sprays that can fix your look, and with 15% OFF ALL PRODUCTS it's hard to resist. 

Wanna be chic and wedding ready. They'll be no worries of any missing grips with this modern, yet beautiful hairstyle. A low, sleek pony will do the trick, a simple look, but by adding a hair cuff around the headband or even a veil will turn simplicity into glam. To be anti-frizz and smooth flowing, try Wella SP EIMI Styling Flowing Form, the smoothing balm that will keep your hair in place all night long. 

How about trying something new, something different. Stand out from the crowd with this elegant, chic and timeless plait. Create two Dutch braids with a parting down the middle, and once you get down to the bottom of your head tie and create two ponytails, perfecto! Add some texture with the J Beverly Hills Texture - Beach Spray and voila , a cute and interesting wedding hairstyle! 

Have you found the perfect hairstyle now for the once in a lifetime night? Now, go wow the royal family with your famous dance moves! 


The Hottest Festival Hair Trends for 2017!

Dancing at the front of the main stage, or tucked away for a hidden acoustic session we can almost hear the sound of festival season! But what are this years hottest hair trends?




Not only is the braid a hugely versatile look, but it’ll cover up greasy locks too- bonus! Get creative; braid your fringe or sport two braided pigtails for a playful look. This style will last you an entire weekend, so no more trying to fix your hair in a humid tent in the mornings! Try using Redken Windblown 05, an ultra-light finishing spray that’ll instantly create naturally tousled locks- the perfect partner for the hippy-inspired braid!


Space Buns


Think Britney circa 1998, or Miley Cyrus’ infamous VMA performance in 2013. That’s right, this quirky look is making a come back this festival season! You’ll need an extra firm hairspray to make sure this cute look stays in place. Use Kerastase K Styling Laque Noire for a 48 hour hold.


Pastel Hair


You may be thinking of a new summer hairstyle but are your brave enough to go pastel? Kylie Jenner, Rita Ora and even Nicole Richie have declared their love for this look and it’s sure to be on the main stage of festival style this year. Make sure you use Pureology’s Colour Fanatic Hair Beautifier, your go-to leave in treatment for stronger, longer lasting perfect looking colour.


Top Knot


This trusty look is every festival girl’s go-to look. What’s not to love about this effortless style that’s bound to last the whole weekend? But if you’re looking for a little glamour, add a headscarf to transform this no-frills look into an instant vintage up-do. Tahdah! For that little bit of extra hold to make sure your hairdo stays just as fabulous for the whole festival, use Sebastian Professional Potion 9 a hairspray that will guarantee to keep your locks looking smooth and healthy so you can dance to your hearts content with no fear of an unravelling bun! It even comes in a handy travel size! 


Beachy Waves


This one’s another firm festival favourite and we can see why… who can resist that effortless, bohemian style? Try using Wella Professional EIMI Styling Ocean Spritz Sea Salt Spray, to create the perfect care-free waves.


Glitter Roots


This trend is everywhere! Summer 2017 is officially the summer of sparkle! But watch out, you won’t be the only one sporting this glitzy do!


Tie it up


Think less clumsy school girl and more effortless chic. This classic look is getting a revival, gone are the days of limp ponytails now it’s all about silky locks teamed with a vintage ribbon to create an easy-as-pie, last-all-weekend trusted festival look! Use Beverley Hills Shine Drops, a serum that won’t only infuse your locks with glorious shine, but will also de-frazzle hair by sealing out humidity making this the perfect festival product!


Whatever look you go for this festival season, make sure you make the most of your hairstyle by using our products for enhance your natural locks! You can find all the mentioned products in our online shop, just click the links above! 


We'd love to see your festival looks- be sure to head over to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts to share your summer 'do! 


Our Top 5 Skincare Essentials


At HWS Hair and Beauty we understand that keeping to a skin routine can be tricky, especially when we live such busy lifestyles. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of our go-to skincare products that we wouldn’t be without.


Aroma Cleanse Micellar Oil


We’re the first to admit that we get lazy at bedtime, especially when it comes to taking our make up off. We love how easy Aroma Cleanse Micellar Oil is to use, it’ll work deep into your pours dissolving dirt and impurities and all traces of make up. Just rinse it off for skin that feels fresh, nourished and revitalised. Now there’s no more excuses for panda-eye mascara in the morning!


Tired Skin Aurabolu Intense Glow for Eyes Dark Circle Corrector


There’s nothing worse than leaving the house in the mornings looking tired, but this wonder product will guarantee that blurry eyed morning meetings are a thing of the past. This light eye cream targets darkness and dullness in areas most prone to fatigue. It’s packed to the brim with vitamins to make sure your skin is taken care of. And what’s more the Orange Pigments deliver an instant illuminating effect.


First Signs of Ageing Aromesense Mandarine Soothing Night Balm


Moisturising your skin is one of the most important steps to making sure you have healthy looking skin. We love this intense balm that will visibly smooth wrinkles and even promises to repair UV damage. Put this luxurious cream on your face right before bedtime and wake up to smoother, fresher skin and younger a looking face.


Life Radiance Flash Radiance Mask


It’s not quite summer (how how we wish it was!) and our skin is still lacking that healthy glow. Life Radiance Flash Radiance Mask promises to restore radiance and transform dull, winter skin. Even better that it’s gentle enough to use on sensitive and combination skin. What’s not to love?


Aroma Cleanse Cleansing Mouse Pump


Mix with a little water to create a gentle yet effective mouse that’ll leave your skin looking smooth, clean and plump with hardly any effort at all. It even comes in a handy travel pouch so that a weekend getaway doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your skincare.


You don’t have to take our word for it, you can try these wonder products for yourself and see how easy fantastic looking skin can be to achieve. Just click the links above! 


We'd love to hear what your favourite Decleor skincare products are! Why not over to our Facebook page and let us know?


Will You Go Blonde For Summer?

They say that blondes have more fun so will you be ditching your dark ‘do for blonde locks this summer? You’ll certainly be in good company with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift sporting platinum hairstyles. We think that blonde could be set to be this summer’s top trend! But what extra steps will you need to take to make sure your blonde barnet is in perfect condition? We’ve put together a list of the best products to make looking after your coloured hair is super easy.


L’Oreal Serie Expert Silver Shampoo for Grey or White Hair


We hear what you’re saying, you’ve gone blonde not grey! But trust us, this purple elixir will soon become your favourite product for coloured blonde hair! With anti-yellowing agents, regular use of this shampoo will ensure your blonde locks stay radiant with no brassy tones. The Gloss Protection System will make sure your hair is high-shine and fabulous!


Pureology Colour Fanatic Deep Treatment Masque


This is a must have product for any coloured hair. It’ll restore and protect for perfect colour treated hair and leave your tresses beautifully moisturised. And the natural blend of camellia and coconut smells delicious!


Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique


Coloured blonde hair is at risk of drying out, especially when you’re using heat styling tools. That’s why we love the shine enhancing action of Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique that’s sure to leave your hair nourished and soft. The thermo-protective properties will keep your hair in perfect condition no matter what style you’re going for.


Beverley Hills Speciality- Blonde Shampoo


This go-to shampoo is gentle enough to use everyday without creating unwanted residue. It’ll enhance the cool tones of your new blonde ‘do and leave you with a lustrous shine. It’s a firm favourite!


Redken Blonde Idol Mask


This nourishing rinse out treatment couldn’t be easier to use. It’ll target any damaged areas and renew the natural softness of your hair. Apply this gel like mask once a week for blonde hair that’ll have heads turning!


If you decide to brave the blonde this summer remember to use these go-to products to make the most of your new ‘do. You can find them all in our online shop or just click the links above!


Why not let us know if blondes really do have more fun over on our Facebook  or Instagram pages? We’d love to see your new blonde locks!



 8 Hair Care Tips 

Firstly, master your hair type. It may sound difficult but it's not actually that hard! Is your hair thin or thick, frizzy, straight, curly, oily, dry – the possibilities are endless! You have to be realistic when it comes to hair if there's a look you want to achieve you might not be able to, due to your hair type. In the end, whatever hairstyle or colour you go for, you want the best achievable look for you and your hair. 

Next, choose your shampoo. The shampoo that suits your hair best needs to not only wash your hair but help with the hair type and colour you have. For example, your hair might have been dyed a brighter and more vibrant blonde, and to maintain the colour it's best to purchase a shampoo for your hair colour specifically. 

This one may seem strange but you need to make sure you're washing your hair properly with whatever hair products your use. You can even shampoo your hair twice before conditioning! Hair products that haven't been washed out all the way through not only leave an odd smell but can cause your scalp to dry out. 

When using conditioner make sure to target the endsespecially if you've recently had your hair coloured or get very dry ends. Also, if your hair is naturally oily and 'greasy', don't apply any conditioner up near your roots, you may want your whole hair to be silky and soft but the conditioner combined with your hair type will make your roots look greasy before it gets dirty. 

Do you want the salon finish to your hair after you've styled, there's only one secret to that, expensive hair tools. Now, this doesn't mean to go and spend way too much money on curlers and starfightersespecially if it's not in your price range because cheaper options work great too. When you can, invest in a new hair dryer, or even a brush. The new products don't even have to be too expensive. The hair stylists use those tools because of their quality, not their price! 

Try not to put too much heat on your hair, this may be difficult for some, due to their natural hair being difficult to cope with but on those days when you're going nowhere try and keep your hair natural. All the heat will eventually damage and dry our your hair, and if you're anything like most people you use some kind of hot tool to tackle that hair! 

Just can't get rid of frizz? Use a serum to tackle the frizzies that juts won't go away! If you use it before you go to bed, it'll soften and repair your hair so you can wake up to soft and silky hair. Top Tip: if you use a serum and then braid your hair before you go to sleep, you'll end up with the most perfect soft beachy waves with no frizz that a sea salt spray product would give you. 

If a serum doesn't help you could also try out the Redken Frizz Dismiss range that holds a shampoo, conditioner, control cream, lotion spray and mask, all for a really affordable price on our website now! 

Monthly Favourites - April 2017

Our favourites this month have definitely changed without a doubt! As we start to enter the warmer months we all certainly have different routines for our skin and face. We asked HWS HQ to see what everyone was loving in April/May. 

First was the Dehydrated Skin Hydra Floral BB Cream from Decleor. We loved this because it feels so light on your skin while giving you great coverage and hydrating your dry, winter skin, perfect for the upcoming months! It also contains SPF 15 – bonus! Though this only comes in three shades, light, medium and dark, the product 'responds' to your skin tone and will appear the shade of your skin very quickly! We give the product a 4 out of 5! 

Macadamia's ENDLESS SUMMER range was a big favourite this month, and will probably be a go-to right through to the Winter! We found that all three products work really well together to lock-in the moisture of your natural hair and fight away the frizz! At such an affordable price, the fact that it also protects against sun, sea and chlorine makes it a win-win for us! We give these products a 4 out of 5! 

One product that blew us away was Kerastase's Soleil CC Crème, say goodbye to dull hair with the product that works miracles! The product claims to 'Protect, repair and illuminate for all hair types' and it does exactly that! It's also a very easy and straightforward product to use, so no fuss and hassle just beautiful hair! This product is definitely a 5 out of 5! 

These were our favourites! What are yours? Want any of these products? You can buy them all on the HWS Hair and Beauty website! Not only that, we have 15% off all products this month and offers such as Free delivery on all orders over £35 and a Free product when you spend over £100! Get shopping!!


 Short Hair, Don't Care Tips and Tricks 

We love a lob (long bob) but the biggest problem is "What to do with it", we find that it's nice for the first couple of weeks experimenting but there's only so many hairstyles you can do! 

Here we have compiled a blog of YouTubers, hair products and hair styles for #shorthair!  

Whether it's back to school ideas, retro faux hawk or common bobby pin mistakes 'Milabu' on YouTube has you back! Milana is a 'beauty addict' with a passion for hair! Her videos are well put together, easy to follow and super creative! Check out her channel here -->  https://www.youtube.com/user/Milabu09/featured 


Our 'SEBASTIAN Form' range is perfect for people with short to medium hair. From clay to texturizer the have everything a lob/bob would need to stay in place and look fabulous all day! 'SEBASTIAN' is available at HWS Hair and Beauty, we recommend all of the products; especially for someone with short to medium length hair!



 Dry & Damaged Hair 

  Winter weather getting to your hair? Here at HWS we use only the best products to help revive tired and worn out locks.  

  Not only is it the various winter weather, such as rain, wind and snow that puts the strain on your hair, but also the central heating that you walk into from the cold. The rapid change in temperature can take a real toll on your hair, making it dry, frizzy and creating split ends.  

  So to give your hair a lease of new life and help cope with the ever changing winter weather, try our choice of L'oreal Professional Intense Repair Shampoo and Treatment Masque. This combination is specially formulated to help bring lifeless dry hair back to life by intensely nourishing dry hair. With L'oreals unique Cuti Liss system, your hair is nourished exactly where it needs to be to help make your hair feel stronger, softer, more supple and help make detangling easier to reduce breakage. 


Blonde Hair 

  Feeling like your blonde mane is looking more like brassy tangles? 

  Shine up those waves with the L'oreal Professional Shine Blonde. This unique formula, developed especially for blondes, has a triple action technology. It has Ceraflash and violet micro-pigments to help neutralise any unwanted yellow and brassy tones. Ceramides repair the hair deeply to help make it stronger and healthier, whilst anti-hard water ingredients help condition to create long lasting colour protection. 



  Here at HWS Hair & Beauty, we know that your hair is your crown and we think you should only use the best products to help style your hair. We have a varying range of L'oreals Professional Tecni Art Collection to help give your hair movement, volume and the strong fix it needs to stay how you wants it all day and all night long.  

  In the range, L'oreal features some true gems for your styling collection, such as Tecni Art Fix Move a lightweight gel that helps hold the hair in place all day with weightless movement whilst having no stickiness.   


Highlighted or coloured hair 

  What could be worse than having a luscious colour put on your hair and it fading with weeks of having it? With L'Oreal Professionnel Lumino Contrast Shampoo and Treatment Masque to help refresh and maintain colour for longer whilst leaving your hair feeling lightweight and with a radiant shine. These products are specially designed for highlighted and coloured hair and contains UV filters, vitamin E and magnesium to help protect hair. By using Lumino Contrast shampoo and Masque your highlighted hair will have an instant change in its contrast whilst not weighing it down.   


Adding a touch of gold and sparkle to your hair 

  An upcoming trend for this year will be just adding that a bit of sparkle to your hairstyles. Adding a simple hair accessory such as a decorative barrette or hairband will turn your hairstyle from an everyday favourite to looking red carpet ready.  

  With this easy trend you can style up any hairstyle such as the ponytail (high or low), the half updo and even add a touch to the classic bun at no extensive cost.  

  For those of you who aren't a fan of the up-do though, have no fear. These accessories also come to you in the way of embellished headbands varying in size and styles. From simplistic gold/silver material to cut gold leaves and largely embellished metal work.  

  If you are looking for some inspiration on how to, then search some of your favourite celebs as they are all sporting this glam trend on the red carpets now! 


Thinning Hair 

  5 ways to help stop thinning hair. 

Could there be anything worse than dry, thinning, damaged hair? Have you got this problem and are scratchy your head as of to why (pun intended), then why not read on and check out our 5 reasons as to why your hair might be thinning and also how you can solve it.  

  1. Always condition: When hair becomes dehydrated it becomes dry brittle and damaged, but using conditioner and treatment masques in your hair routine will help benefit your hair a lot.  A great treatment masque to try is L'Oreal Professionel Intense Repair Masque. It is specially formulated for very dry hair to give it that boost of hydration to leave your hair feeling nourished, soft and radiant. 

  1. Cut down on heat styling and tight hairstyles: Hair styles such as high pony tails and tied up buns, coupled with excessive heat styling like blow drying and straightening, can really put strain and damage on your hair which can cause it to thin. So change up your styles with some lose waves or even a nice flowing half up do. When heat styling, try using a good heat protection spray so as to give your hair that extra protection. Try out some of TIGI Catwalk Haute Iron Spray, it is an ultra fine spray that protects hair at high temperatures whilst improving strength and creating a smoothe texture and shine. 

  1. Increase your Iron: It's not just about what you do on the outside but also how you help your hair on the inside. Having a low iron intake is the most common cause for hair thinning in younger women, so if you feel you are doing everything else right possibly check out with a doctor on how your iron levels are doing. 

  1. Look after your scalp: So you wash and take extra care with your hair everyday but are you forgetting to look after your scalp? Healthy hair grows from healthy scalps so why shouldn't we be looking after our scalps more. An amazing way of doing this is by using Wella's Balance Scalp Mask, it helps to relieve and sooth the scalp whilst strengthening the scalps own protective layer creating a soothing and intense treatment for all scalps. 

  1. Living a healthy lifestyle: Like most things that happens to our bodies, hair is quite often a great way of telling you how healthy your life, diet and wellbeing is. For example, people who eat lots of bad food, get no exercise and smoke and drink a lot will very rarely have good hair, where as some he drinks plenty of water, eats their recommended 5 a day will more the likely have strong and healthy hair. 

So, we hope this article has helped you in some way to get an idea of why your hair might be thinning. For any of the products mentioned in this article, just search them in our search bar where you will be able to purchase them from our online store. 

Rainbow Hair 

Its official! Just Being a blonde, brunette or redhead is so last year, but having bold hues of rainbow colours now on trend. With celebrities such as  Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and Rita Ora pathing the way with this bold and striking new hair trend already this year, its the perfect way to get into the summer season and start planning those festival looks! 


Moroccan Oil used at the 2017 Gold Globes! 

Hairstylist Renato Campora used the Moroccan Oil Treatment, one of his favourite products to help create Jessica Chastain's outstanding look at the 2017 Gold Globes. He says "Moroccan Oil Treatment boosts shine, speeds up drying time and creates a great base to build upon." 

SS17 Hairstyles 

80's Retro – Crimping hair is back with it being debuted all of the world on the best catwalks. Adding nostalgia and volume to our hair, the 80's is back and is taking its place in this years fashion shows. Try achieving your own volume crimped hair by using Wells's Polished Waves styling curl cream. 

Surfer Chic – Returning for another year, the surfer chic's easy tousled waves makes the and easy and ideal look for this summer again. Undoubtedly a popular favourite with all summer looks and vibes. Add texture to gain those surfer chic vibes by using TIGI Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Shock. 

Braids – Having made a huge impression in at AW16 fashion, braids are still going strong into the SS17 and who can argue with that? With them being versatile and manageable, this hairstyle can be put in many variations and also be made into a custom look for your personality to shine through.  

Bobs – Always the riskiest of hair cuts but always ever popular, this style is officially hitting up the catwalks in the SS17 collections.  

Deep Side Parting – We have had the middle parting now make way for the deep side parting. This SS17 sees a vast growth in the use of this hair style, making models and their fashions really stand out in a crowd. To achieve that held in place side parting, try using LOreal Professionel Tecni Art Air Fix. 

Wet look – Also following on as a successful AW16 fashion statement, the wet look is set to continue on into SS17. 


Natural remedies for skin and Hair 

Coconut Oil 

With deeply moisturising and nutritional properties, coconut oil is a great natural remedy to help revitalize skin, hydrate hair and strengthen nails. Follow these methods to benefit the most from using coconut oil: 

Hair: Massage your scalp with warm coconut oil before going to bed. The next day, shampoo your hair as usual. Do this 2 or 3 times a week. 

Skin: Apply lukewarm coconut oil all over your body. Wait about 30 minutes, then take a shower. Finally, apply a light moisturizer. Do this daily to soothe dry skin. To combat extremely dry skin, you can also apply a layer of coconut oil on your skin immediately after taking a bath or shower. 

Nails: Massage your nails and hands with warm extra-virgin coconut oil for 5 to 10 minutes daily, at night before going to bed. 


No matter what part of an avocado you use, each part with have a beauty benefit. From dry skin to damaged hair, an avocado can help with your beauty issues in a numerous of ways: 

Hair: Make a hair mask with 1 mashed ripe avocado and 1 tablespoon each of jojoba oil/olive oil and yogurt. Apply the mask on your damp hair. Put a shower cap on for 1 hour, then rinse the mask out with lukewarm water. Use this hair mask once a week. You can also massage avocado oil into your scalp once or twice a week. 

Skin: To promote healthy and soft skin, rub the pulp of ripe avocado against your skin 30 minutes before taking a shower. Repeat this treatment 2 or 3 times a week. 

Nails: Prepare a paste with 1 tablespoon of avocado pulp and a little coconut oil. Apply it on your nails for a couple of hours. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat dry. Do this once in a while to keep your nails healthy and prevent hangnails. 


The lemon is an amazing fruit with so many wonderful beautifying powers. Start your day with a glass of lemon water and help your skin and hair look beautiful from within. The following methods are even more ways in which the lemon can help you feel even more amazing: 

Hair: Add the juice of 2 lemons to 1 cup of water. After shampooing, rinse your hair with this solution. Wait 5 minutes, then rinse your hair with plain water. Use this remedy once or twice a week. 

Skin: Put some honey on a piece of lemon and use it to gently rub your face, neck, hands and legs. Allow the juice to remain on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes, then take a shower. Do this once or twice a week. 

Nails: Prepare a nail soak with equal amounts of lemon juice and castor oil or argon oil. Soak your nails in it for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat this remedy a few times a week. 

Green Tea 

Green tea has so many health and beauty benefits. Full of antioxidants, this tea prevent can harmful free-radical damage that contributes to skin aging. It can help protect the skin against UV damage and reduces signs of premature aging like wrinkles, age spots and saggy skin. Did you know though that just drinking green tea is only one way of it helping your beauty regime: 

Hair: Brew 3 to 4 cups of green tea, depending upon the length of your hair. Allow the tea to cool. Pour the tea on your damp hair and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Then, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Use this remedy 2 or 3 times a week to nourish your hair and boost hair growth. 

Skin: Empty the contents of 1 or 2 used green tea bags into a bowl. Add 1 teaspoon of honey and a little lemon juice to it and mix thoroughly. Apply it on your clean face and neck, leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse it off. Do this once or twice a week. 

Nails: Brew a cup of green tea, add a few drops of wheat germ oil and allow it to cool. Soak your nails in it for 10 to 15 minutes, twice a week. 


This natural wonder is another natural remedy. Full of glucose, fructose and many other properties, this product can help you with your beauty troubles in no time at all. Here are some simple and effective ways of benefitting from its natural goodness: 

Hair: To stop hair loss, prepare a solution with 2 tablespoons each of honey and onion juice. Use it to massage your scalp and hair roots. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes, then shampoo your hair as usual. Use this remedy twice a week. 

Skin: Mix together equal amounts of raw honey and fresh lemon juice. Apply it on your face and neck area. Allow it to dry on its own, then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Follow this skin care treatment once or twice a week. 

Nails: Dab raw or Manuka honey on your nail beds and leave it on for several hours. Do this on a regular basis for stronger and healthy nails.




Infusing luxury haircare with pioneering science, Kerastase has been elevating hair care to the status of high-end skin care. With an individual approach, they have worked their products around a new generation of independent women to help them achieve sensual texture and gorgeously soft hair. 



Redken help to offer simple and effective solutions to any specific needs your hair requires. Providing a wide range of hair care products for whatever you are looking for, whether it be for softness, moisture, repair or just daily protection, Redken has the hair product to help. Each product has the right balance of protein, moisture and a natural PH that helps to look after your hair. This top quality haircare will help give a solution to any problem. 



Created to care for every hair type, Pureology makes each product to help provide only the best care for your hair. Each individual product is tailor-made so that you can have the best results every time you use them, so you don't have to choose between having the best colour care or the results you want. 




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